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Beezy provides efficient tools to share, collaborate and communicate promoting transparency, knowledge capture and bottom-up innovation.





Social collaboration

Is your workforce still stuck using email? Do you need more engaged employees? Are you worried about your employees using Facebook, Dropbox and other consumer products to get their daily job done? Beezy makes it incredibly easy for your employees to start creating communities that can be public or private matching any business scenario. Once a community is created, employees can share documents, events, links and other content in a centralized repository. Every shared item will create a new post in the wall to launch the conversation (Comments), gather quick feedback (Likes) and allow follow-up (Follows). Users can also tag conversations using hashtags (#) and replies (@) exactly like in Twitter.

Home of a Community Beezy OOTB design
Community Directory Beezy community directory helps you find groups that are important to you.
Create a Community Simple interface to create a communities

Advanced microblog

Social has evolved past simple Microblogging. Beezy takes social collaboration to the next level by letting employees ask questions, post polls, praise other employees for their good work or even share new ideas. All these features expand the possibilities around sharing, ignite adoption and allow for advanced knowledge management.

Advanced Microblog Box Create different types of activities from a central point
Result in Activity Wall Different types of activities can be posted to the activity wall
Praise your colleagues Shower your colleagues in a variety of configurable praises

Social discovering & onboarding

Setting up social dynamics on a large scale can be a complex task. Beezy boosts adoption by offering a set of tools to discover and promote  communities and content. It becomes extremely easy to make colleagues  aware of what’s going on.

Dashboard Web Parts Help identity top communities from your dashboard
Auto-Fill community search Help identify communities in your organisation
Invite Colleagues Invite colleagues to your communities

Search & filtering

As social collaboration takes place in your organization, business knowledge piles up in daily social conversations. Employees need powerful tools to make that knowledge surface. Beezy provides activity stream filters, dynamic tag clouds and SharePoint integrated search to find the right content at the right time.

SharePoint integrated search box Beezy leverages core SharePoint 2010 functionality
Activity wall showing Hashtags Filters Filter the activity wall using Hashtags
Advanced filtering - Date, Hashtags and User Helping find information as and when you need it


Beezy ensure employees stay up to date without overloading their mailbox. We take notifications very seriously. That’s why we have crafted a notification system that offers the right balance between staying on top of things and enjoying a light inbox.

Notifications Notifications in real time
Notification Page A variety of filters and activities on your personal notification page
Beezy Notificaitons Settings Choose to opt in to Beezy notifications

Communities management

Beezy makes community management  easy. It is configurable to adapt to any organization. Managers can decide who is able to create new Communities and also set up a validation workflow. An intelligent system provides user guidance to avoid thematic overlapping during community creation. Beezy lets organizations roll out their social network in a simple organic way.

Create unique communities Avoid duplication of groups
Manage Community Requests Community approvers can manage which groups are approved
Email Confirmation Email receives an email to confirm community is created

Mobile apps

Ipad Home Page Beezy iPad dashboard view
Beezy iPad Community Beezy iPad community view
iPhone Question A question from the iPhone

We have built innovative apps so your employees can stay in touch while on the move. Our apps are streamlined for the mobile context with an even more minimalistic design approach that concentrates on the essentials. Check out our iOS app here. Windows Phone and Android are coming soon.

Lync, Outlook, SkyDrive & Office integration

Beezy let’s companies take full advantage their IT infrastructure and Microsoft product stack. Communication and Office tools are natively delivered within your enterprise social network. Lync integration offers the perfect combination for 1 to 1 communication within a social context of collaboration. Outlook integration offers advanced features like synchronizing personal and social calendars. SkyDrive let’s users synchronize their Community documents and have them available on-the-go or even offline. Office integration allows for more effective in-document collaboration where employees can launch co-authoring session directly from Beezy’s activity streams.

Lync Presence See real time availability of your colleagues across Beezy
Beezy + Outlook integration Integrate Beezy with Outlook
Beezy + Skydrive Upload your documents whenever and wherever you are

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