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Let’s start the workplace revolution!

We’re living in quite a challenging time…

As consumers we have an amazing set of social tools that have dramatically changed the way we communicate with our friends & family. Think about the shift that has happened in your digital life: Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn are now your primary method of communication.  Whether you wanted it or not, these services are now “places” where you spend your time whilst you´re connected to the internet.  These tools are incredibly effective for social communication: an amazing example of this is when you consider purchasing a new commodity or planning a holiday.  Within minutes you can have relevant information and suggestions from your trustworthy sources.
This major shift in interaction is even more visible with the youth of today. Try asking a teenager how much they use their e-mail – “Not much” and “what for?” will be the typical answers. Ask them what they use more and you´ll primarily hear the response mobile.

As employees we are all-too-often caught with yesterday’s technology, where e-mail is the corner stone.  Why do we allow this? The social tools we use to communicate outside of the workplace are far more powerful (and free) than we currently have access to at work, which constantly inhibits our productivity.  Even more infuriating is that these tools are based on a ubiquitous system, that´s available on multiple platforms, at any time.  This begs the following questions:  Why are valuable employees losing their time through version control, following long threads of emails to fix a meeting between 5 people?  Why are we still working with over-spammed inboxes that makes us lose focus, energy and motivation? Why aren´t managers having all the project information in real-time, through their mobile phone?

The workplace needs to experience a major change.  At Beezy we’re are ready to help companies drive this revolution, hand in hand with Microsoft’s amazing road map of products.
Get Beezy now and start the social workplace revolution at your company today!

Maximo Castagno

Maximo Castagno

Chief Product Officer. I’m a sociologist designing for humans since 1998.