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2021 Digital workplace trends & insights


Did you know that 51% of employees today struggle to feel connected and engaged with their work? Or that their company’s intranet is one of their top five pain points? Beezy’s 2021 Digital workplace trends & insights report digs into the biggest issues facing organizations right now – so business leaders can take action to fix the problems. Unlock the insights to powering a better employee experience.

In this report:

  • Learn what it’s going to take to get your business in shape for 2022 and beyond.
  • Get the facts to support a workplace that’s more connected, more engaged, and – most importantly – happier.
  • Find out what you can do to attract the best talent and put your business at the top of any employee’s wish list

Download this guide so you can confidently sell your new intranet solution and get buy-in from senior stakeholders.

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