3 Phases of Implementing an Enterprise Social Network

Within this ebook, we cover the three essential phases of implementing an enterprise social network (ESN) within your organization:

  • Analysis
  • Migration
  • Adoption

Organizations around the world, across every industry, and at every size are incorporating social tools into their business systems. Social is increasingly the way in which we communicate, slowly displacing email to become the preferred method for internal and external dialog.

Some of these capabilities come through enterprise-scale platforms that are integrated into and aligned with core business systems, such as knowledge management (KM), customer relationship management (CRM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems – while other features and cutting-edge social capabilities find their way into a company through consumer-based tools and websites.

While there are certainly other factors that can help your social efforts to be successful, these three phases are what it takes to get your plans off the ground, and are foundational to your success.

Finding balanced collaboration