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Beezy Goes Multilingual

9/21/11 6:39 AM

Here at Beezy we appreciate the global market and that large enterprises have different subsidiaries that require different languages to help for smooth transaction and make user adoption easier.  As our product is getting traction all over the world (especially in Asia and Scandinavia lately) we must support different languages.  We are now ready to tackle the rest of the market with nearly 10 languages primed and raring to go.

The benefits of having a Multilanguage product are that you empower employees to work more efficiently, irrespective of language or location.  The modern workplace demands this.  It also reduces the burdon for IT staff as it allows you to streamline deployment with a single Office/SharePoint image that supports up to 40 languages.

One of Beezy´s strongest assets is that we have leveraged Microsoft’s language capability because of this we can take advantage of their hard work.  It´s one thing having your product in a different language, it´s another being able to store and process everyone’s data so that your search requests brings back results in multiple languages (optional).  For example a simple search for a keyword such as public sector could bring back results in your native language or in another language  (Sector público in spanish).  This is powerful because it increases the transparency of data across large subsidiaries and can allow you to find solutions that your colleagues might have already worked through.

Cue technical jargon for an explanation: “The Managed Metadata also allows you to define multilingual term sets. The Managed metadata is a hierarchical collection of centrally managed terms that you can define and then use as attributes for items in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. You can share this taxonomy with multiple sites, site collections or farms.” *yawn*

Switching from one language to another in Beezy couldn´t be easier as you can see in the picture below.


For a primary list of
SharePoint Languages:

Why settle for anything less. #GoBeezy

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