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Beezy Labs: SharePoint 2013 and Beezy meet IFTTT

11/22/13 7:22 AM

Combinations are powerful in technology. We know this, because Beezy is somehow a combination of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social tools; with amazing result. IFTTT is a powerful idea. It is a service that lets you create powerful connections between your online tools with one simple statement:

If This Then That.

With IFTTT you can easily automate mundane and repetitive tasks to make your life easier. You can tell it to store your Instagram images in a Dropbox folder or have them sent to your Mom by email. This concept makes even more sense in the Enterprise where all too often employees waste tons of time to perform actions that could should be automated.

Exploring this idea we are introducing in Beezy for SharePoint 2013 a cool IFTTT feature. We are giving it a spin with a task management need: simply and quickly assign tasks to people.

IF #Task+@Mention THEN create SharePoint Task

If you type "#Task" and a "@Mention" in the same microblog, Beezy will be creating a task in the SharePoint Hub and assign this task to the person mentioned. By doing this the task will be visible for others, but also show up in the user's My Site. Hang on! The task will even show up in the Outlook tasks list (if connected to SharePoint).

We are testing this feature with some clients now. We are getting a lot of positive feedback and ideas to improve it. Moreover we are really excited about offering a customizable mechanism for clients to decide their own business rules!

Can you think of some cool “recipes” to make your life easier at work? Share them with us here or on Twitter at @followBeezy.

Do you want to see Beezy meets IFTTT with your own eyes? Don’t be shy and drop us an email.

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