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New Features: Advanced Microblogging

11/6/13 1:54 AM

We are delighted to officially release a new version of Beezy with exciting new features for all our SharePoint 2010 and 2013 clients. In this release we have focused on the advanced microblog component.

Simple microblogging was our bet for simplicity. Just write an update and share it. As employees were just joining the social revolution, simplicity mattered overall. Today our customers have evolved when it comes to using enterprise social tools. They now demand more advanced features to better serve their business goals. In other words: simple microblogging is not enough anymore.

Challenge: how can we offer advanced tools without compromising our simplicity motto? Check out the result here. We’ve crafted every pixel in this important product release.

New types of content:

By default all the new icons are hidden to keep our minimalistic design approach:Advanced Microblog 1

A new set of tools will only appear when you need them. this is when you put the cursor in the microblogging area to start type a message.

Advanced Microblog 2


This feature was already available in our previous release. However we have improved it in a way that Beezy is able to realize the full potential of questions and answers.
We deeply believe in the power of questions as knowledge containers. That's why with this release we provide a separate tab to ask questions. It also allows the crowd to rank the answers based on their “Likes” and also the author of the question to "Mark the best answer"

Advanced Microblog question 1


Advanced Microblog question 2 Advanced Microblog question 2


Praising peers is a social need and a natural output of close collaboration. Now employees can praise their colleagues. Beezy´s default praises cover the basic human desires as identified in multiple organizational studies: Status, Reward, Competition, Altruism, Self expression, Self Achievement.

Default Beezy praises cover all human desire for social recognition


But the best news here is that any costumer can modify these praises (name and icon) to match their specific business needs or company culture.

Advanced Microblog Praise



This feature has been a historical pain point for SharePoint users. Not anymore. Beezy offers a quick and easy way for employees to create polls with an exquisite user interface.

Advanced Microblog Poll 1

Advanced Microblog Poll 2


Community owners have the possibility to make sticky announcements to better communicate big news, important policies or temporary messages in their relevant context. This message will remain in a prominent top position for all users to read it during its lifetime. By providing this new feature we are fighting ineffective email usage.

Advanced Microblog Announcement 1

Advanced Microblog Announcement 2

Our current clients that have this new features already deployed are experiencing an amazing adoption boost!

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