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Microsoft: “No Investment in New Social Features for SharePoint”

3/11/14 1:11 PM

The many great conversations at our booth at SharePoint Conference 2014 have inspired us. This week we returned back to work with many ideas and valuable connections. Moreover we thank Metalogix for turning the Best of Breeds Program into such a success. The Awards Celebration at the Marquee was the absolute social culmination of SPC14! It was both a pleasure and an honor to be platinum Best of Breed partner for Enterprise Social.

Now is a good time to reflect on what we learned. At SPC14 Microsoft made some important announcement about three new social experiences in Office 365:

  • Yammer Enterprise Graph will be extended across Office 365 into Office Graph. Office Graph is using signals from email, social conversations, documents, sites, instant messages, meetings, and more to map the relationships between the people and relevant content.
  • Yammer´s concept of groups is also being extended across Office 365, introduced as the Groups Experience. When users create a group anywhere in Office 365 it will automatically provision a corresponding inbox, social feed, calendar, and document library that group members can use to get the job done.
  • Finally Microsoft announced that they will be adding Yammer conversations to documents in SharePoint Online. Weaving Yammer into apps creates an Inline Social Experience.

We truly think these features are great and will help creating a social enterprise, but it´s obvious that Yammer’s “innovation” is focused on extending and integrating with Office 365. So all announcements are related to Office 365 and Yammer. But what about SharePoint Social?

It´s official: Microsoft doesn’t plan on adding new social features to SharePoint. If you want to go social you have to go to the cloud and use Yammer. So what if you are interested in turning SharePoint into an enterprise social network and need an on-premises solution? In that case Beezy is the preferred on-premises social solution for SharePoint.

We had many conversations at SPC14. The conversations with the people who value Beezy´s proposition have 3 things in common:

  1. They want their enterprise social network to be on-premises
  2. They love the fact that integration with SharePoint comes out-of-the-box without additional effort
  3. They highly value Beezy´s ability to be extended and customized

Fortune 500 companies like Vodafone already experienced these benefits.

Don´t worry. Beezy will keep investing in new social features for SharePoint.

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