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Free Whitepaper: Mobility is eating the workplace

5/19/14 7:41 AM

We've already explained why Intranets will be remembered as one of the biggest fails in corporate software.
Luckily Enterprise Social Networks came to the rescue to deliver a next-generation employee experience built around the "Social Intranet".

Today we are witnessing a new paradigm shift in corporate information and communications around mobile access.

Last November, Benedict Evans published a slide deck titled "Mobile is eating the world" that went immediately viral. His point was all about the consumer market and how the scale of mobile is massively altering it.


We see a very similar trend emerging in the corporate world. We call it The Mobile Intranet.

In this whitepaper we explain
  1. Why employees love apps
  2. How apps will hide corporate platform's complexity
  3. How apps will seamless integrate different sources of data and systems
  4. The power of ubiquitous work
  5. Why push notification will become critical
  6. What makes Windows a killer OS for the mobile workplace

We will also be showing a sneak preview of what the mobile intranet of the future will look like.



Are you running SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 and you are planning to build the right Intranet this time? In that case you will enjoy the content of this free whitepaper: Mobility is eating the workplace.


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