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Windows apps launch

7/9/14 7:35 PM

We are thrilled to announce today a double launch of the Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 Beezy apps!

In our Windows apps product backstage post we offered the possibility to get the beta versions of our Windows apps. Today marks the end of our beta phase.

Despite the relatively low market share of Windows Phone today, we see a great potential in Windows apps for three main reasons. First, the platform is especially relevant for mobile business users because of the prevalence of Microsoft tools and OS in the corporate world today. Second, Windows apps offer a high level of the continuity between the desktop and the mobile experience making it a perfect fit for modern employees' habits. Finally, we have a vision for the future of Mobile Intranets and we are steadily walking towards this landscape where Microsoft will be very relevant (read Mobility is Eating the Workplace whitepaper).

Here are the main benefits of our Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 apps:

  • Elegant Metro design: we have followed the platform guidelines to ensure a consistent User Experience with other Microsoft applications that are widespread in the corporate space (Office, Outlook, OneNote, etc.)
  • Seamless switch between devices: the apps are designed to offer a continuous experience whether you are in a meeting room using a tablet or on-the-go using your mobile.
  • Integration with other apps: you can share knowledge and information in Beezy communities directly from other apps like Internet Explorer, OneNote or Twitter.

Enough talk here. Let's see it in action in the two videos below.



Due to the corporate nature of our business we do not distribute mobile apps through App stores.
Drop us a line here and we will send you instructions.



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