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Understanding the Office 365 roadmap: Office Graph

5/22/15 9:31 AM

We are back from the Ignite 2015 conference in Chicago and we think it is a good moment to clarify three moves in the Office 365 roadmap announced by Microsoft. These announcements are important because they are foundational directions that are already impacting our very own roadmap. Over the next series of posts we will explain what the Office Graph, Office Delve and Office Groups are and how Beezy leverages these systems. Today we start with the Office Graph.

What is Office Graph?

First, let’s be very clear because there is a lot of confusion out there. The Office Graph is an underlying engine: it has no user interface built-in. Office Delve is just one of the many possible user interfaces that makes the Office Graph visible and usable (stay tuned because the next post will be all about Delve).

The Office Graph is a machine learning system that connects everything that happens in Office 365 and also in third-party tools. It basically brings together content with people in a variety of ways.

Office Graph

Let’s imagine that John shares a document in a Yammer group and Sandy likes it. The Office Graph will keep track of both the connection between Sandy and the document and the one between these two employees.

Office Graph is the intelligent fabric that is constantly absorbing these signals about the interactions and the activity of people working together.

Now imagine this at a large scale, running silently in the background hour after hour, day after day. Now add machine learning to the sauce so it keeps getting more accurate and intelligent every day. Powerful right?

How does Beezy leverage Office Graph?

The biggest news for us is that now this system is open to third party applications like Beezy to take advantage of it.

Integration with the Office Graph works both ways. In one hand, Beezy can send signals to the Office Graph to make sure that everything that happens in its network gets plugged into this knowledge fabric. This is very important, for example, to make sure Beezy’s content and connections surface in Office Delve (with the proper access rights and permissions of course).

By storing all its content in SharePoint, Beezy is by default connected to the Office Graph.

On the other, hand Beezy can extract intelligence from the Office Graph in order to deliver personalized insights and deliver more intelligent features.

Question_OfficeGraph This is for example how the Office Graph will suggest content and people based on a question posted in Beezy.

Do you want to know more?

We are building new and exciting features to connect and leverage the Office Graph in our Office 365 and Hybrid solutions. If you want to know more about it get in touch with us using the form below.


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