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Migrating from NewsGator to Beezy

8/20/15 11:50 AM

As SharePoint evolves, so should the applications and solutions that we use within and around the platform. One of the biggest concerns of customers as they look at extending the capabilities of SharePoint is that a third-party tool -- or even a core piece of native functionality -- will become deprecated or unsupported, locking the customer into an outdated version of that tool, or an outdated version of SharePoint. They fear, rightly so, that these outdated tools will require additional time, expense, and resources to manage. With the rise of cloud capabilities, many organizations find that even if they want to move to the latest SharePoint version or to Office 365, solutions they have deployed and have come to depend on have become the key limiting factor in allowing them to modernize.

A top fear among customers is getting "stuck" with a single platform or vendor. They want flexibility and control over their systems and, more importantly, control over their data.

The dynamic nature of the SharePoint platform requires that the solutions you add to extend the core features must be flexible and updated regularly -- if they are to continue delivering value to your business. As new capabilities are added to SharePoint, such as the introduction of the Office Graph and Delve, or as changes are made to the app model, the solutions you use must also be updated.

Many customers who deployed NewsGator (now Sitrion) find themselves in that exact scenario: using an outdated technology that has not kept up with SharePoint's evolution, locking their users and their data within a platform that no longer meets their needs -- with no way to move off the technology. Where NewsGator once delivered a set of social capabilities beyond what SharePoint could offer its on-premises customers, many customers complain that the UI has not been updated in years and that the company has not innovated nor invested in SharePoint's evolving app model architecture.

Similarly, customers using Jive or IBM Connections also want to move off of their current technology and over to the Microsoft stack, either to the latest on prem version or to the cloud, but they all fear the loss of critical business data that housed within countless social communities. While SharePoint has many compelling features, the platform still does not provide comparable social features to these competitive tools. Simply put -- there is no clear migration path from Sitrion, Jive or IBM Connections to out-of-the-box SharePoint. For most customers, social has become a massive data silo.

Beezy meets or beats the features you use in Sitrion, Jive, or IBM Connections -- and we do it in a way that is scaleable and compliant. Beezy was built on SharePoint, for SharePoint.

Beezy has always worked hard to deliver solutions that are in alignment with SharePoint's evolving capabilities, including their new app model architecture. The result is that we offer a seamless experience for customers -- whether on prem, online, or anywhere in between. While customers describe Sitrion's UI as outdated, Beezy's award-winning design and feature set provides a modern, cutting-edge experience that helps draw in users, increasing their SharePoint engagement and adoption.

But aside from a superior user experience and unparalleled functionality, Beezy is the only company offering a migration path away from Sitrion, Jive, and IBM Connections, unlocking these social silos and making SharePoint more intuitive, flexible, and powerful. We are able to move 100% of your existing social data, conversations, communities, and all other social assets from your old system to SharePoint and Beezy, whether you want to keep things on prem, make the move to the cloud with Office 365, or need to create a hybrid environment with social experiences that seamlessly connect on prem and cloud systems. With Beezy, you have options.

Beezy is a best-in-class enterprise collaboration solution for SharePoint. If you are currently using Sitrion and want to find out more about how Beezy can unlock your social silos, please contact us.

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