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Internal Communications: Move from Employment to Empowerment

4/19/17 5:17 AM

Empowered employees are critical to the success of any organization. Employees want the opportunity to make meaningful contributions, to discuss corporate news and share important information across other teams – they want to feel empowered.

But how does an organization balance the needs of the workforce with the needs of the business? Corporate communications still need to be delivered, important documents need to be stored and accessible to employees, and targeted communications delivered to specific people within an organization.Find out more! Download our report:  The Key to Engaged and Empowered Employees

Find out more! Download our report:  The Key to Engaged and Empowered Employees

Explore the Beezy user experience, and the first thing you will notice is that the newsfeed is at the core of our solution. Why so much focus on the newsfeed? Because it is the fastest, most efficient way for people to connect with relevant and timely content. The newsfeed is central to the most visited sites on the Worldwide Web, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn because it is a powerful way for individuals to discover and interact with the people, ideas and content that are relevant to them.

Whether logged into the company intranet or surfing content on their favorite social network, most people tend to begin their days pouring over one or more newsfeeds. Once logged in, the newsfeed becomes dynamic, personalized and relevant based on your profile, who you are connected to, what is happening within your network, and the content and activities you consume. The newsfeed is at the center of our social experience, and it is where we go to stay informed.

beezy newsfeed Beezy newsfeed

Solving the Push and Pull Dilemma

Empowered employees are engaged with the organization, and up-to-date. The way employees want and expect to receive corporate communications has changed. They no longer want or respond well to a one-way distribution of information, but are looking for personalized and relevant communications that enable them to provide feedback, respond and share with their peers.

Beezy enables a true two-way communication flow incorporating PUSH (one-way internal communications) and PULL (my communities, tags I follow etc.) - all from one central hub.

The Beezy user experience is a blend of Discovery, Follow-up, and Recovery “cards” that provide a relevant, personalized view into the user's communities. The card-based newsfeed helps employees discover new people and content, follow-up on tasks and actions based on projects, interests, and network connections, and to recover data and conversations that they participated in previously and may need access to later.

To help Internal and Corporate Communicators, Discovery Cards are fixed so they appear on all newsfeeds company-wide. Beezy dynamically moves the card position in the newsfeed so you can be sure that people become aware of the messages and do not become blind to them.

Download our latest report to find out more.

If you would like to see first-hand how the Beezy newsfeed can improve your internal and corporate communications, schedule your consultation today. Contact us for more information.

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