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Announcing Office 365 CDN support

11/2/17 1:42 AM

This year Microsoft announced the General Availability of the Office 365 CDN and at Beezy we couldn’t let this opportunity pass to further improve the experience for our cloud customers. We are happy to announce that, in our upcoming December release, Beezy will take full advantage of this technology to serve its content even faster.

CDN support

But what is a CDN?

A CDN, short for “Content Delivery Network”, is a distributed set of servers that deliver content and files to your website. When you access a CDN-enabled website, instead of downloading the files from the website’s server, the CDN will redirect the requests to the nearest geographical server to deliver the needed files very quickly. The key advantages of CDNs are the lower latency serving up the files and the faster delivery of content thanks to clever caching mechanisms, all of this regardless of the user’s location.

The Office 365 CDN

Beezy for Office 365 is hosted in Azure and requires a set of files to be deployed in the Style Library of the customer’s SharePoint Online tenant. With the General Availability of the Office 365 CDN, customers can create CDNs within their very own tenant. This means that Beezy can now take full advantage of CDNs to serve images, JavaScript and CSS files from the Style Library much faster from a server that is close to the user’s physical location.

CDN support will be delivered as part of your Beezy subscription at no additional licensing cost. Here are the necessary steps to configure the Office 365 CDN in your tenant.

Get ready to take full advantage of this upcoming feature and if you’d like to learn more, or have any questions please contact us at

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