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Best Intranet Choice for User Experience

12/15/17 5:09 AM

We are pleased to announce that Beezy have received a new honor for its outstanding User Experience. This time it is a prestigious recognition by ClearBox (as part of their excellent annual report about Intranets) and it means a lot to us for a few reasons.

ClearBox award

A competitive landscape

This report covers more than 30 products that can help organizations speed up their journey to a modern Digital Workplace. Yes, you've read it right: 34 to be precise! Beating all these strong competitors on User Experience is a great achievement for us.

Going the extra-mile in terms of User Experience is hard. It demands a tenacious investment that goes beyond shipping a good looking template. Having a real native SharePoint solution makes it even harder. Let's not forget that sometimes we face strong limitations imposed by the platform on which we operate.

Going the extra-mile in terms of user experience is hard. Having a real native SharePoint solution makes it even harder.

Despite these limitations, we’ve managed to dramatically increase SharePoint Online's user adoption for our customers. This is a direct consequence of going the extra-mile and providing a fundamentally different User Experience.

The importance of UX

This recognition is also important because we appreciate analysts that recognize the importance of User Experience and understand that it is the most critical pain point for employees using corporate software today. Part of our company mission is to make employee's life easier and their work more enjoyable. This is why we created a product like Beezy. We are happy to see that we are not alone in this! By recognising its importance, reports like this one make a critical contribution to the enterprise software ecosystem.

The only way we know

This special mention shows continuity in our focus and commitment to deliver outstanding UX. Four years ago, one of our customers in telecom won a Nielsen Norman Group Award. It made us especially proud at that time because it was our first non-tech award, focused exclusively on User Experience and good design. We've always prided ourselves to be a design-oriented product company. Today, this new recognition tells us that we continue to push the right envelope by doing things the only way we know!

Finally, we would like to thank Sam Marshal and his team, for their thorough and comprehensive report. Gents, we are grateful for the time you poured in to understand the bolts and nuts of our product and what makes us different.

What a good way to wrap up a great product year!

You can get full report about SharePoint Intranets 2018 here.

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