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How can tech help build a strong corporate culture?

7/29/19 7:29 AM

Whoever said that culture is the new currency hit the nail right on the head. According to recent studies by Deloitte, with the right culture, organizations are not only able to retain sought-after talent, but they also attract top-tier candidates. So how can you foster corporate culture and make it last, and how can technology enable this goal?

Engaging various generations of employees

In the office, a sense of culture is born when each person feels like they are a part of a bigger picture, united by a common purpose. However, with an increased number of dispersed teams and generational differences, it's tougher to organize people around a common purpose. New strategies are needed to keep five various generations of employees engaged, committed, and in-the-know. Communication has always been key, and in today’s modern workplace, it comes hand in hand with collaboration and transparency.

It is estimated that by 2025, 75% of the workforce will be millennials and they tend to have different communication needs. Corporate cultures and workplace tech are already being shaped by this generation’s habits and expectations. This group is not motivated by the same perks as the baby boomers, instead, they value the culture of inclusivity, learning and development as well as professional recognition and flexible work schedules. As for technology, organizations should be looking to embrace tools that facilitate communication, collaboration and transparency if they want to retain and inspire this workforce.

Specialized technology for communication and collaboration

The good news is that there are a lot of tools to help you achieve these objectives. Beezy's an all-in-one intelligent workplace platform allows users to get all their work done in one place. Due to seamless integration with Office 365 products and a multitude of third-party apps, it makes communication and collaboration flow very naturally. It doesn’t matter whether your employees work remotely or not, since we have a desktop and mobile app. In this way employees can easily join certain communities within the intelligent workplace and exchange knowledge, documents and updates with co-workers across the country or around the world.

Beezy mobile app

Valuable input from employees
One of the benefits of having an intelligent workplace platform for your organization is that it gives employees the option to easily share their voice. Beezy's digital workplace offers features like Idea campaigns – where employees can submit their ideas regarding a specific topic such as how to reduce the carbon footprint of the company, or which charity the company should support and why - and the creation of pages with corporate information.

Beezy Idea Campaign

Global communications and company news
What about top-down communication? It's vital for leaders to practice transparency and open dialog to inspire their people. Here too, using the right tech can make all the difference. We welcome leaders to publish blog posts (in a preferred language), stories (which can be tailored to users) and share polls. There is a possibility to "pin" global news to the top of the news page to ensure coverage.

Beezy Stories

By using intelligent technology coupled with thought-out communication strategy, companies can virtually shrink their sprawling teams and get everyone on the same page. Culture has become a corporate asset and great culture takes work, mindfulness and adoption of the right tools for the job.

Note: This blog post was written together with Tima Musina, Change Management Consultant at our partner Change Champions.

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