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Beezy launches next-generation digital workplace for Victoria’s Department of Justice and Community Safety

3/16/21 9:00 AM

Beezy has successfully migrated the Victorian Government department off its legacy intranet with the launch of Beezy's digital workplace solution.

San Francisco, March 16, 2021Beezy Inc., a leading digital workplace solution built for Microsoft 365, has been successfully deployed for the Department of Justice and Community Safety in Victoria.

The new solution is designed to create a more engaging digital workplace experience for the department’s 9,000 staff, improving communication, collaboration, and knowledge management, and better connecting employees to both corporate and local knowledge while working remotely.

“Large enterprises across the globe are wrestling with these same challenges as they look to update legacy intranets with best-of-breed solutions that integrate with existing tools and processes, are intuitive to use, and create new opportunities for engagement across all departments,” said Jordi Plana, CEO and Co-Founder of Beezy.

“We’re excited to welcome the Department of Justice and Community Safety to the Beezy family and we look forward to supporting them on their digital transformation journey in the years ahead.”

In late 2020, Beezy was awarded the contract, kickstarting a five-year partnership with DJCS. The project went live in less than 9 weeks – a testament to Beezy’s product architecture and proven implementation program.

Purposefully designed to enhance Microsoft 365 and replace legacy intranets, Beezy builds on the features provided in the Microsoft SharePoint Online environment and augments them with new functionality, which is designed to boost productivity and social engagement in a user-friendly way.

The first phase of the project has focused on providing employees with an intranet that is accessible from any location, with the information they need readily available.

Future plans include leveraging more of the social aspects of the platform, enabling better connection and collaboration between teams and colleagues, with the aim of ultimately improving employee engagement.

For more information about Beezy's digital workplace solutions, visit:

About Beezy Inc.

Beezy Inc. is the digital workplace built for Microsoft 365. By extending the Microsoft productivity stack, we empower users to communicate, share, and collaborate better, whether it’s on-prem, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. Leading global organizations, including Finning, ZF Friedrichshafen AG and Monster rely on the proven functionality of Beezy – the intelligent and modern digital workplace that’s built for the people who use it.

About the Department of Justice and Community Safety

The Department of Justice and Community Safety leads the delivery of justice and community safety services in Victoria by providing policy and organizational management. Its extensive service delivery responsibilities range from managing the State’s prison system, to providing consumer protection and enforcing court warrants.

The department manages the development and implementation of a range of laws, regulations and policy in areas across the portfolio (such as in gaming and emergency management), and ensures that all elements of the justice and community safety system are working efficiently and effectively.

Through partnerships with independent integrity agencies, the department supports best practice and the promotion of the highest levels of accountability and transparency in the public sector and local government.

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