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Beezy announces partnership with Engaging Leaders

5/26/20 7:55 PM

Beezy, the all-in-one Intelligent Workplace for Office 365, is pleased to introduce its new partner, Engaging Leaders, a leading culture-transformation consultancy. This partnership combines Beezy’s award-winning Intelligent Workplace Solution with rich context in culture and people-first strategies.

Together, the two companies will help organizations build positive human connections to drive performance and collaboration for collective change and sustainable results.

In any digital transformation, the experience of the employees is paramount to its success, therefore building the journey with them in mind is incredibly important. Through this new partnership, clients will benefit from consultants with expertise and experience in behavioral change and adoption design. Engaging Leaders will support and guide organizations through a journey-based adoption of Beezy, integrating cohesively with the overarching cultural transformation.

“We are thrilled to partner up with Engaging Leaders,” said Ritse Klink, Chief Commercial Officer of Beezy. “We are on a mission to change the way people work, making organizations more productive, more social and ultimately happier. Our Intelligent Workplace solution helps companies not only to connect people and departments, it also offers the possibility to interact with your business applications without leaving your intranet. Together, we’ll be able to promote real change in an organization’s way of working and thus lead to better workplaces for people.”

“At Engaging Leaders we place a high value on employee engagement and the activation of people as change leaders,” said Nicole Chua, CEO of the company. “Our consultants specialize in the behavioral change that’s necessary when introducing a new intelligent workplace solution within a company.

“We help our clients to design a journey that engages stakeholders and builds ownership and accountability of adoption of a new digital workplace like Beezy. This increases the success of the launch and sustainable advocacy within the organization.”

Beezy and Engaging Leaders will champion better communications and collaboration through one turnkey intelligent workplace solution for large enterprises across Southeast Asia. Both companies will also be teaming up for upcoming stories and panel discussions about communicating culture and building organization branding in an initiative called “Culture Matters by Engaging Leaders.”

“This joint action is a great start to our collaboration,” said Ritse Klink. “And we’re looking forward to combining our strengths and expertise in order to help organizations across Southeast Asia to increase their employee engagement in an innovative way.”

Interested to find out more about this partnership and how we can help your organization? Sign up for upcoming episodes of Culture Matters by Engaging Leaders and Beezy.

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