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Research reveals it's time to change work for good

5/12/21 12:19 PM

We believe that everyone should love their job. We should all feel we can thrive and excel at what we do. If that sounds like a tall order, ask yourself, why is that? Don’t we all deserve better?

The rate of change in the way organizations operate is accelerating. The pandemic has forced change on companies and employees – arguably change that was already coming.

If technology is a big pain point in this change, it’s also a huge opportunity. 

So, what have we learned from the past year that can steer the future of work for the better?

We set out to answer this question, with an independent research study that explored the experiences of 800 full time workers in companies with more than 1000 employees – during the last year.

Our goal was to uncover insights that would help us, and help the business leaders and organizations we work with, to create and support workplaces that are more engaged, more productive, and most importantly happier.

Some things we found out didn’t come as a surprise. We know that technology has been a big pain point in this change and our research revealed, for example, that the top pain point while working remotely is their company’s intranet.

We also learned that 51% of employees are struggling to feel connected and engaged with their work.

Other stats were more unexpected and they’re all detailed in the report.

Key takeaways:

The transition to remote work is old news. The conversation has shifted to what’s next for the digital workplace, especially as we move towards a hybrid model of work, where there's a combination of remote and on-site working.

Our report 2021 Digital workplace trends & insights examines where the digital workplace is at now, and identifies trends that business leaders need to deal with in order to reset the employee experience.

  • Remote employees are frustrated by current workplace technologies, and it’s affecting their productivity
  • Meeting fatigue is the new app fatigue
  • Employee engagement continues to slip to worrying levels
  • Organizations are grappling with new expectations around remote work flexibility

We have an opportunity to make the digital workplace a better place.

Overall, what we’ve learned is that the future of work is in our power to shape and change for good.

With that said, we’re embarking on a journey of discovery, insights, recommendations, and solutions for business leaders.

The report is just the first step, and for the next several months we’ll be diving into the research, with expert commentary, webinars, and more resources to support you at every stage of your digital transformation journey.

Employee experience is everything.

Here at Beezy, the employee experience is our passion, and it's what drives our innovation. We imagine a thriving, agile, intelligent workplace that works for everyone in it.

Our vision is a workplace where:

  • We can focus and work without constant interruption
  • We can collaborate without barriers – whether they’re oceans or siloed structures
  • We can work from home, in the field, in the office – anywhere – and have the same experience across the organization
  • We can have the same tools and resources at our fingertips irrespective of where or who we are
  • We can have intelligent technology do the heavy lifting for us so we can concentrate on human connection, innovation, creativity, collaboration.

We can change the workplace for good.

Look forward to work.

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