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    5 ways Beezy’s Customer Success team supports digital transformation


    February 4, 2021

    Employee engagement is top of mind for nearly every organization these days. What goes under the radar perhaps is the role happiness plays in engagement. According to Forbes, the problem is that an unhappy staff translates to an unhappy bottom line. So how do you keep your employees connected, productive, and engaged in the right way? Well, there are lots of factors, like transparent leadership, realistic corporate goals, and certainly getting the right digital workplace solution in place is critical as a way to bring everyone together. It’s all part of an ongoing process, and you can quickly become lost without the right partner, and the right customer success team, to guide you on your digital transformation journey.

    When we deploy a Beezy solution, we focus on the business challenges you’re trying to solve, because we want to make sure you can drive adoption and measure success against those specific business requirements. Behind it all, our goal is happiness. Without it, employee engagement isn’t sustainable. Our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are key to turning this goal into a reality, both for the organizations we work with, and their employees. A successful deployment hinges on a solid digital transformation strategy, and Beezy's Customer Success program is about putting that strategy into action.

    SMILE, You’re on the right road to digital transformation

    “Our SMILE program is a proven framework for customer success. We aim to deliver the best experience possible, from the product and the technical support to the relationship, the guidance we provide, and much more.”
    ~Sasja Beerendonk, Customer Success Manager 

    With a Beezy intelligent workplace, you’ve got the solution to improve how your people work. But, to do that, you need to change the way people work, help them learn new tools, and apply all of it to their day to day.

    SMILE is our Customer Success program. It’s the framework that guides our team and yours through all the steps required to achieve your business goals and get everyone on board using Beezy across the organization. Here’s what you can expect:

    S: Start exploring – This phase covers planning and implementation. Our Customer Success Manager works with you to determine your overall digital transformation goals and objectives and provide tools, resources, and training to set you up for success.

    M: Make it available – Adoption is critical. This next phase is about onboarding the first groups of Beezy users. From the start, we help build a champion program, which helps get early adopters to spread the word and build momentum to boost adoption.

    I: Increase use – The next phase is about getting more people on board, sharing best practices with the whole organization, and increasing engagement.

    L: Leverage it – This is the phase where your Beezy intelligent workplace becomes business as usual – so much so that you won’t know how you managed without it. We measure results against objectives, gather insights from analytics, and evaluate how engaged employees are with Beezy.

    E: Enhance and improve – Your ongoing success is our priority. Our Customer Success team is there to help you evolve and improve your digital workplace as you move forward.

    Our philosophy

    “I think customer success should be an obsession. It’s our goal to make our customers’ businesses better, and we do it by making sure they get 100% out of our product, with clear business goals in mind.”
    ~Jordi Plana, founder and CEO of Beezy 

    What makes Beezy stand out

    Our Customer Success team is committed to supporting every customer’s unique digital transformation journey.

    Here’s how we do it:

    1. Provide the right program, tools, and plan: Research indicates that, to make change happen, a threshold of 25% of happy users is needed. When it comes to your digital workplace, we provide the strategies, resources, and expertise to help you exceed that 25% – and reach the remaining 75% – to make sure you’re set up for success.

    2. Deliver VIP service: The organizations we work with have anywhere from 1000 employees to over 200,000. Of course, we have different options for pricing and packages, but we believe every customer should be treated like a VIP. What does that mean? For starters, it means every customer gets a dedicated CSM, training and workshops, and templates they can roll out to get their digital workplace up and running.

    3. Obsess for success: We make it our mission to get to know our customers’ business, their industry, and their pain points, and we tailor our training to meet their specific needs.

    4. Be human: Just like our product design, our approach to customer care is human-centered. We’ve made it our mission to hire only the best people. Our CSMs are people with the right mix of skills needed to build lasting relationships with customers, and they excel at getting to know the personalities involved on the customer side.

    5. Don’t stop: Digital transformation isn’t a destination. It’s an iterative process, and we’re in it for your long-term success. What are your goals for year 1? Year 2? Year 3? We look at the analytics, see what’s working, and make adjustments where needed.

    Questions to think about as you explore your digital transformation options 

    The good news is that improving employee happiness is achievable with an effective digital workplace solution. But that’s only part of it. It’s important to partner with a solution provider that can support the ongoing success of your digital workplace. 


    When considering a digital workplace solution, there are several questions you can ask potential vendors about customer success and digital transformation. Here are some suggestions: 

    • Do you have a customer support program in place? What’s included in that program? 
    • What ongoing customer support is provided? 
    • How can you support us in managing change, as well as new needs and behaviors across the organization? 
    • Have you worked with organizations that have similar business needs and requirements? 

    At Beezy, we understand all the steps required when it comes to digital transformation. Our experienced Customer Success Managers are in it for the long haul, from implementation to launch and beyond, with a tried-and-true methodology designed to help you get full value from your digital workplace.  

    Request a demo to find out more and see what Beezy can do for your organization.

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