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    Beezy customers bring home 7 Employee Communications awards


    March 28, 2022

    Mobile integration, intranet design, usability, engagement, value and features – Beezy customers are shining a light on how to innovate and make digital workplaces super effective, inclusive, and relevant to their employees.

    Glencore, Finning and Nordic Consulting took home seven Ragan Employee Communications Awards between them. Congratulations! 

    The Ragan Employee Communications Awards celebrate internal communications campaigns, content and initiatives by companies “that kept their workforce – remote or in-person – engaged and informed." These workplaces champion their diverse workforces and provide resources and support to help employees grow and succeed in their careers. 

    These awards follow big wins for Beezy customers at the Digital Workplace of the Year Awards from Digital Workplace Group (DWG). 

    Here's the lowdown on the Ragan Employee Communications Awards:

    1. Glencore – Winner, Best Intranet Design, Mobile Integration, and Intranet Usability

    Glencore’s intranet, aptly named The Core, won Best Intranet Design, as well as awards for Mobile Integration and Intranet Usability. The company is one of the world's largest global diversified natural resource companies, with 135,000 employees spread across 35 countries. For Glencore, Beezy integrated with the Microsoft tools the company already used. It also offered personalization and seamless mobile integration.

    "Perhaps the most impressive feature of The Core is its multilingual capabilities: Employees can read content and comment on it in their own language, and others can hit the translate button to read it in their language," Glencore notes.

    "This feature serves to break barriers that might otherwise hinder an increasingly diverse workforce, Ragan reports. 


    2. Finning – Winner, Intranet Employee Engagement, Value to Employees, and Best Feature/Section. Honorable Mention for Best Use of Technology, Grand Prize – and Internal Social Network. 

    Beezy customer Finning, the world’s largest Caterpillar dealer, also took home three awards for their intranet, Traction, for Employee Engagement, Value to Employees and Best Feature/Section. Finning also got an honorable mention for Best Use of Technology, Grand Prize – and Internal Social Network.

    Finning uses Traction to prioritize employee safety and wellbeing, with the company's own definition of safety now including psychological safety and mental wellbeing. Traction is at the heart of fostering a culture of safety at work.

    Traction provides spaces for employees to share their stories and find information about wellness programs, creating a supporting company culture. This extends to its community, Allies for Inclusion, which demonstrates Finning’s commitment to strong diversity and inclusion practices. With over 10,000 active weekly users, and over 3 million page views in 2020, Traction has certainly proved its worth.


    3. Nordic – Winner, Intranet Launch or Relaunch, and Honorable Mention for Best Intranet Design 

    Nordic’s intranet, NordicHQ, won the award for Intranet Launch or Relaunch for its intranet focused on knowledge-sharing and unlocking institutional knowledge across the company. 

    Nordic is an award-winning global health and technology consulting company that partners with health leaders around the world to create healthier systems, businesses, and people.

    Dawn Hancock, Nordic’s Senior Director of Knowledge Management & Internal Communications, was tasked with building the knowledge management program from the ground up.   The aim of the intranet was to reduce the amount of time staff spent searching for information, inspire their workforce and unite staff, and harness the organization’s collective brain power. After deep-diving into 30 different digital workplace vendors, Dawn landed on Beezy to help develop Nordic’s digital workplace, NordicHQ. 

    For launch, NordicHQ boasted dedicated champions across departments, used as points of contact to generate excitement around the new intranet. These champions also gathered feedback from employees to make sure NordicHQ was a success, build for and by employees. 

    The user-centred hub now supports Nordic’s 1,600+ workforce of strategists, architects, engineers, clinicians, project leaders, and trainers, who are spread across offices in the United States, Canada, and Europe. 


    Beezy collaboration 

    Beezy is a product that's driven by our ongoing relationships with our amazing customers, making sure we truly understand their needs and keeping our product relevant and robust for the future. Their hard work, alongside our Customer Success team, is what makes their digital workplaces award-winning. Congratulations! 

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