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    Hello Microsoft Viva – it’s good to see you here

    Jordi Plana

    February 19, 2021

    Microsoft recently launched Viva, a new platform created to address employee experience in this new digital work environment.

    Here at Beezy, we couldn’t be happier to see employee experience taking center stage, because it’s critical, now more than ever before. Covid has brought with it new and valid concerns about employee mental health and wellbeing. It’s been a wakeup call for many – and we all need to raise our game.

    For the last decade, we’ve been obsessed with improving the employee experience, and we’re in it for the long haul.

    Isolation. Frustration. Stress. Burnout.

    These issues are real. Tackling them is a bigger challenge than any of us, including Microsoft, can solve with technology alone. But if we can make people’s work life better, we can make a start.

    I’m not just talking about employee engagement here. People can be engaged and miserable. I’m talking about the entire employee experience: that is, the journey an employee takes with your organization. We designed Beezy with a goal to make that journey as good as it can possibly be.

    Our mission is to improve the way organizations work, making people more connected, more engaged, and – most importantly – happier. We deliver on that mission by supporting the four key pillars of an intelligent workplace: communication, collaboration, knowledge, and processes. The result is a thriving workplace culture.

    Designed by sociologists and user experience specialists, Beezy improves the employee experience by connecting all of the Microsoft 365 tools in one intelligent digital workplace that’s 100% native to Microsoft. We take the complexity and confusion out, so users can stay focused on what they do best, not on wrestling with technology.

    Viva’s launch validates our product vision to create a truly integrated employee experience, and it paves the way for us to build on this approach. Together.

    As a longstanding Microsoft partner, we welcome Viva

    Today, digital workplaces are at risk. According to Microsoft’s research, 60% of people feel less connected to their colleagues since working remotely more often. Microsoft’s answer, with Viva, is to support employees in four key areas – engagement, wellbeing, learning, and knowledge. Beezy is the unified destination that pulls all of these things together in a simple, intuitive way, just as we do with the rest of the Microsoft 365 stack.

    We bring Viva – and all the tools you’re using – together

    We’ve always aimed to create a digital workplace that employees love. One way we do that is by leveraging AI and our connectors to bring business processes into the workplace and automate workflows to increase productivity.

    By integrating with Microsoft tools and third-party software like Salesforce, SAP SuccessFactors, and Workday, we make sure you’ve got everything you need, all in one place. Employees get alerts from integrated third-party tools and can take action right away, without having to jump from app to app.

    With Viva, we look forward to continuing to connect the dots in an integrated employee experience that includes and extends the capabilities of the four Viva modules: Viva Connections, Viva Learning, Viva Insights, and Viva Topics.

    We obsess for success

    Part of the reason we’re so trusted in this space, especially by large and globally distributed enterprises, is that we’ve created a product that follows through on our employee experience promise. But more than that, we’re dedicated to our customers’ success and we provide a level of attention and personalized service that the people we work with deserve.

    Our Customer Success program, SMILE, guides you through all the steps required to achieve your business goals and get everyone on board using Beezy across the organization. A successful digital workplace and employee experience solution relies on a solid digital transformation strategy, and our Customer Success program is about putting that strategy into action.


    We’re an agile solution

    We address our customers’ requirements and pain points quickly, and that approach is the perfect complement to Microsoft. They’re a global powerhouse focused on addressing the world’s biggest business challenges with their comprehensive (and often complex) platform.

    Platforms always need solutions, so we’re here to make things work, with tried-and-tested solutions designed for the specific, real-world issues and opportunities our customers face. And with the white-glove service that can only come from a partner focused on individual customers. We’re not solving the world’s problems; we’re solving yours.

    We’re ready

    The employee experience platform is here for good.

    We’re all working more now than ever before. Everyone’s exhausted. Employees want a single place to find information, solve problems, and work together. There’s an unprecedented demand for a simplified, intuitive, and consumer-like user experience at work.

    Beezy meets that demand. And as a digital workplace and employee experience solution designed specifically for Microsoft 365, we’re always innovating and evolving in step with Microsoft – and our solution is always fully integrated with each new tool.

    Viva is the next step in the employee experience journey, and we’re all in.

    Stay tuned for more info about how Viva and Beezy work together. In the meantime, if you’re new to Beezy, the best way to see what we can do for your organization is to schedule a demo.  

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