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Intelligent Workplace software helps transform internal company communication and collaboration through digital solution

With nearly 9.000 employees the Zeppelin Group operates 190 sites around the world. As one of Caterpillar’s most innovative and successful dealers, Zeppelin is primarily active in the construction and maritime industries but also excels in plant engineering for the chemical and food-processing industries. Group-wide collaboration in the Zeppelin Group revolves around a management holding company and six strategic business units. Cross-business-unit communication, making use of the collective intelligence and identifying experts within the organization is not always easy. With locations across the globe, operating like a network and thus being successful in this digital era is the key for Zeppelin.

The collaboration and communication challenge

As part of Zeppelin’s digital strategy, the company wants to become better-connected by improving communication and collaboration across their employees worldwide. The organization’s intranet had become dated, falling short of collaboration and communication needs. Company communications were mainly reduced to a one-way stream of information.

One of Zeppelin’s goals was to enable employees around the globe to communicate and connect in a more transparent and fast way. This in order to increase collaboration and adding interaction between Zeppelin’s communications managers and employees by not only sending but also receiving information.

Zeppelin was also looking for a way to make use of their collective intelligence and to identify experts within the organization. This is especially challenging because of their cross-hierarchical and cross-business-unit company structure.

Roadmap: An intelligent workplace

Beezy strengthens relationships with employees through a unified digital workplace hub. Its digital workplace supports on-premise, cloud and hybrid-cloud deployments. This flexibility was important to Zeppelin. In 2017 Zeppelin ran a pilot of 6 months in order to test how Beezy could provide value in connecting and engaging its employees. After the pilot Beezy was rolled out throughout the company.

In 2018 Zeppelin employees:

  • Created more than 170 communities
  • Posted 3.400 times in these communities
  • Added 3.000 comments
  • Showed their interest with over 34.000 likes

Zeppelin now focuses on further increasing traffic and improving communication amongst colleagues worldwide. Its partnership with Beezy will assist Zeppelin in their goal to improve group-wide communication and collaboration, and create even closer engagement between their experts around the globe.

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