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How ZF uses Beezy´s modern intranet solution to increase efficiency, agility and flexibility at global scale

ZF is a global leader in driveline, chassis and passive safety technology. The car part manufacturer has a global workforce of over 148,000 at 230 locations in 40 countries.
ZF was looking for a way to help the company to increase efficiency, agility and flexibility at a global scale, while also bringing their locations, teams and employees closer together. They selected Beezy, as the most capable modern intranet solution. After a transition phase, Beezy replaced ZF´s static intranets, resulting in a personalized, interactive workplace that ZF employees nowadays know as Zoom.

Pilot phase in Germany

ZF had a clear strategy and action plan to smoothly and effectively launch the modern intranet Zoom at their locations around the world. They introduced a dedicated Zoom intranet team of IT, Communication and HR specialists at the ZF headquarters in Friedrichshafen. In order to generate feedback, the team decided to launch a Zoom pilot at their headquarters and two plants in Germany and the UK first. After this pilot phase, ZF gradually rolled out the Zoom platform to all their locations around the world.

Regional rollout: Same strategy, setup and structure

In order to increase the probability of acceptation and adoption of Zoom, the intranet team focused on the end-user: their employees. Prior to the launch of the intelligent workplace ZF developed trainings, use cases, on- and offline communication materials and a communication architecture so they could provide their employees with all necessary information before, during and after the rollout. They also trained a group of interested and engaged ZF-employees at every location, so-called Zoom Guides, who support colleagues in using Zoom and the new ways of collaboration wisely. The Zoom intranet team created a strict and structured rollout plan that started six weeks prior to the launch of Zoom at the particular location. Every regional rollout had the same strategy, setup and structure.

ZF’s CEO and their Board Member for Corporate Human Resources run their own blogs, which are open for questions and comments. In this way, Zoom helps to connect the top management with employees.

Bring Board Members closer to the employees

ZF had – and still has – various reasons to leverage a global modern intranet for their employees. One of the main reasons to choose for Beezy was that it offers multiple options to let employees interact and collaborate with each other. Beezy is a social networking and corporate intranet solution. The modern intranet allows ZF employees at all levels of the organization to post, share, like and comment on news. One of ZF’s goals was to bring Board Members closer to the employees. That is why their CEO and Board Member for Corporate Human Resources run their own blogs, which are open for questions and comments. In this way, Zoom helps to connect the top management with employees. Beezy´s modern intranet solution also facilitates and increases knowledge sharing, which is important for the exchange of knowledge in between employees with a high and specific level of skills and expertise active at different ZF plants around the world. The Communities feature allows them to easily find and connect with colleagues, which makes easy and transparent communication and collaboration possible.

Ongoing co-investment between ZF and Beezy

There is a co-investment agreement between ZF and Beezy. ZF discusses the progress, challenges and requests – all based on employee feedback – in weekly calls with Beezy´s Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer. For Beezy this is very valuable information. “A modern intranet for a global enterprise like ZF with its organizational complexity and employees of various levels, and from different regions and cultures, is always work in process. The weekly calls teach us a lot about actual user behavior and the need for the improvement and creation of new features,” says Maximo Castagno, Beezy’s Chief Product Officer.

The roadmap for the upcoming time includes some interesting new features and possibilities for Zoom users. ZF and Beezy work closely together to introduce Beezy Apps. A place where employees easily pin their favorite tools and applications, so they have them at hand in Zoom. Furthermore, ZF focuses on business process integrations. One interesting project on the roadmap is the integration of a time management application with the ZOOM modern intranet.

Thanks to the successful co-investment, ZF and Beezy keep on improving the Zoom intelligent workplace every day.

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