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Watch this webinar with Beezy CPO Maximo Castagno

The Digital Workplace is evolving, resulting in a collection of people and more and more systems, exchanging information. The growing number of “best of breed” software solutions with ready-built connectors and the improved API catalog of third-party applications allow companies to connect and expand their business systems and applications. Although software and tools are here to help employees to work more efficiently, the reality is that employees often are juggling between the dozens of applications. They spend a lot of time finding and understanding the right tools, updating their passwords, and getting used to changing interfaces.

You will learn :

01 How new technology like bots and cognitive services can make your Digital Workplace smarter, boosting the Employee Experience

02 How you can bring systems and tools together into one accessible newsfeed

03 How activity streams and action cards can efficiently communicate new information to employees

Meet your host

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Maximo Castagno
Chief Product Officer (CPO)
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In this webinar Beezy CPO Maximo Castagno will explain how you can deliver an Integrated Employee Experience (EX).

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