The Ingredients of an Intelligent Workplace

Organizations are on a digital workplace journey. But what exactly does this mean?

Ask your employees what they want and they’ll probably have the same answer – something like they have been using in their social time, such as Facebook.

Ask your IT team and they’ll want something that integrates with the existing systems, and maintains security and governance.

Ask your Exec team and they’ll want something that enables them to tap into the corporate knowledge and intelligence, uniting disparate teams.

So how do you keep everyone happy, and how do you ensure your digital workplace is also an Intelligent Workplace? More than just an intranet. More than just enterprise social. More than just a good-looking interface.

Join Maximo Castagno, Chief Product Officer at Beezy, as he reprises his recent Intra.NET Reloaded session discussing the 4 key ingredients for an Intelligent Workplace :

01 Communication: How to rethink internal communication?

02 Collaboration: How to beat email’s simplicity?

03 Knowledge: How can organizations “know what they know?”

04 Processes: What does integration really mean?

Meet your host

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Maximo Castagno
Chief Product Officer (CPO)
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Maximo is a sociologist with more than 20 years of experience in observing how people use technology and designing products based on that knowledge.

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