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Monitoring and Metrics for Successful Collaboration

Monitoring Collab Success

Are you effectively monitoring and measuring your collaboration efforts? Use digital workplace metrics.

Included in this whitepaper:

  • Common quantitative and qualitative measurements of collaboration
  • Digital workplace metrics that many organizations fail to accurately track
  • Insights into the business drivers behind effective monitoring and measuring
  • Guidance on best practices to include within your own collaboration strategy

If you own any aspect of enterprise collaboration within your organization, you’ve undoubtedly been asked — or have asked yourself — what does “successful collaboration” look like?

We all have an idea of what collaboration means within our own organization, but for others, the definition might include document sharing, real-time messaging, web meetings and social tools, and many other online, offline, synchronous and asynchronous capabilities. However, few organizations have really taken the time to define what it means to have collaboration success, and then to accurately measure the results.

That’s why the team at Beezy organized the ‘Measuring Collaboration Success‘ initiative, working with a panel of experts and MVPs from the SharePoint community.

The purpose of this initiative was to capture feedback from the community and develop best practices around a shared definition of what makes collaboration successful, and to understand the digital workplace metrics that are being used to monitor and measure that success.

Download this whitepaper so you can discover our findings on monitoring and measuring collaboration.

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