Planning Your Digital Workplace

A systems-based approach to planning for Enterprise Collaboration

Collaboration requirements can be complex. While your ultimate goal is to support the entire company, different teams and business units often have competing priorities. In an attempt to satisfy everyone, the reality is that most planning efforts fail to satisfy anyone. To add to the pressure – your leadership team has asked you to plan an organizational transformation, deploying a “Digital Workplace.” Where do you begin?

Any organization that wants to deploy a digital workplace, with enterprise collaboration at its center, would benefit from a systems-based planning approach. Rather than the standard approach: creation of team requirements documents, submitted to an IT owner where they are folded into a more detailed and lengthy plan, without transparency or active participation from key stakeholders.

What is needed is an iterative, strategic, and systems-based approach of identifying core challenges at the team and company level, working with key stakeholders to identify appropriate strategies, building a solution using a scalable, repeatable, and sustainable change model. This approach drives stakeholder engagement, and ensures a more holistic solution that aligns with the needs of the business at every level…

Topics will include :

01 Engaging leaders in a systems analysis, identifying high-priority needs and challenges

02 Outlining a set of targeted and strategic actions based on common customer scenarios

03 Developing an implementation plan to support successful operational and improvement strategies

Meet your host

Christian Buckley
MVP and Chief Evangelist at Beezy
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In this webinar led by Christian Buckley, 6-time SharePoint & Office 365 MVP and Chief Evangelist at Beezy, we will walk through a systems-based planning approach for Enterprise Collaboration.

The intent of this webinar is to help organizations incorporate systems-based planning into their Digital Workplace planning processes, using real-world customer examples. Attendees will receive tips on how to fold these best practices into their own strategies.