Webinar: Best practices for a successful digital workplace during COVID-19 and beyond

Jul 30, 202010:00am CDT1.75 hours

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Tune into our webinar as we speak to Horizon Therapeutics to get their best practice and gain expert advice from West Monroe Partners and Beezy.

  • Join our webinar which will be led by a panel of experts, Matthew Banks from Beezy, X and X from West Monroe, and Paul x from Horizon Therapeutics.

    As many organizations are trying to ensure their remote workforce is productive, effective, and engaged during these uncertain times, we’ve compiled a list of the foundational elements you should be thinking about now to remain successful. We’ll discuss the six pieces to a successful digital workplace, and dive into the importance of employee collaboration. You’ll hear from Horizon Therapeutics on real-life examples on what’s working for their team. We know there are many questions around this topic, so we’ll also leave ample time to for Q+A with our experts.

    You’ll learn:

  • Six things to remember to keep your digital workplace successful
  • Importance of employee collaboration and tools you should be using
  • What is working (or not working) across all of our remote teams, best practices from West Monroe, Beezy, Horizon Therapeutics