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Formalizing Idea Management


Thousands of minds. Hundreds of possibilities. One awesome idea.

Introducing the 1st Idea Management Tool for SharePoint

This whitepaper contains tips, such as:

  • Moving from “brainstorming” to operational innovation
  • Implementing a simple, but repeatable idea management methodology
  • Aligning the influx of ideas with measurable business outcomes

Idea management is about surfacing ideas from your employees that may otherwise be lost within the daily shuffle, generated by the people who live and breathe the functional tasks and who are best positioned to identify new ways to work, new methods to optimize and improve, and novel innovations that could have an impact to your bottom line.

The purpose of this whitepaper is to help you understand the business benefits of idea management, and to give you an overview of how Beezy can provide cutting-edge idea management solutions within your existing SharePoint or Office 365 environment.

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There is Power in Ideas

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