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IT Professionals

Transform your workplace into a collaborative environment with third-party integrations.

Easy Installation

Native to Microsoft 365 with little configuration and quick and easy installation, your digital workplace can be ready to go within hours so you can save time for more pressing IT issues.


Benefits of Beezy’s Enterprise Intranet Software

More than just an intranet. Upgrade the way your organization works with a modern and user-friendly enterprise intranet software.

endless collaboration possibilities

Endless collaboration possibilities

Leverage the entire Microsoft Productivity Suite to align teams and make your organization’s collaboration possibilities endless.

data privacy

Data privacy

Disjointed applications that risk private company data? Eliminate privacy risks with an all-in-one, secure intelligent workplace that doesn’t host any of your data.

plug and play

Plug & Play

Out-of-the-box and easy to install with little configuration, your digital workplace can be implemented and ready to go within hours.

easy to use

Easy to use

Familiar and built for end-users, the interface is easy to use for efficient communication and collaboration.

integrated software

Integrate with 3rd party systems

Never worry about aligning all of your systems again. Simplify your workplace. Enhance and integrate with third-party systems like Salesforce and ServiceNow.



Allow employees to gather knowledge and connect with colleagues using a complete feature set for the modern workplace.


Leverage the entire Microsoft stack

Get maximum return on your IT investments and provide your employees with the ability to collaborate and share knowledge in an intuitive way. Beezy enhances Microsoft 365 for the best intranet software solution that provides powerful enterprise-ready features out-of-the-box.



Lead the digital transformation

Modernize your intranet and change the way your organization communicates. Beezy takes the familiar platforms we use in our everyday life and brings them to the professional world. Our modern and customizable solution is beautiful, simple, and intuitive, connecting your workforce in every functional area.


Access your workplace on the go

Collaboration today can't be restricted to desktop work or in office employees. People need – and demand – mobile support. Beezy provides on-the-go employees with powerful and flexible solutions that allow them to stay in the loop and get work done – anytime and anywhere.




Enable quick and easy collaboration and ensure your workforce won't go rogue with non-compliant apps. Beezy's award-winning collaboration solution elevates the best platform (SharePoint), connecting all of the dots between the Microsoft Office Productivity Suite through a seamless and exceptional user interface with advanced administration features. No integration required.


By integrating Beezy with our other best-in-class platforms like Workday and Service Now, we expect our employees will have a greatly improved level of satisfaction with how they engage with the business.

Zaid Choudhary
Global Communication and Collaboration Manager,


Beezy was praised for its interface and what we saw seemed pretty great. We chose Beezy because we had a serious time crunch and it was easy to implement. We’ve been using it for over two years now.

Internal and Financial Communcations Manager,
Stockholm's Largest Energy Company


We’ve also been able to consolidate tools with Beezy. Doing so gives us more security, more awareness, and more control over what employees are using in terms of having a dialogue.

Elisha McCallum
Director of Corporate Communications,


Beezy was by far and away the best fit to meet all of our business requirements and we couldn’t believe how easy it was to build. In fact, the platform was up and running and ready to use in about 4 weeks.

Director of Internal Communications,
European Colocation Data Center Services company


Besides a few small branding customizations we applied ourselves, Beezy delivers the Enterprise Social capabilities and the intuitive user experience we were looking for out-of-the-box. We could have never built this solution ourselves within the current budget. Let alone meet the same timelines

Jitendra Kasiwal
Head of Enterprise Systems,


Before, we would have had to manage five or six different disjointed SharePoint sites and push out information via email and three divisional intranets. All of which would have been very time-consuming. With one platform from Beezy, we were able to build these COVID sites and communicate life and death information very quickly.

Zaid Choudhary
Global Communication and Collaboration Manager,

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