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    Knowledge Management & Sharing Solutions

    Easily and efficiently deliver information, gather knowledge, and connect employees.

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    Share knowledge quickly and efficiently

    Sharing knowledge is relatively easy. But sharing it in a way that it is well structured and easy to find is more complex. Our Knowledge Centers combine the simplicity of social collaboration with the robustness of a controlled taxonomy to harness the collective knowledge and intelligence of your organization.

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    Experience enhanced search capabilities

    Make classifying information quick and easy across your organization, while users get their work done. Beezy connects its innovative folksonomy and taxonomy to the managed metadata service of SharePoint ensuring that content can be picked up by Microsoft 365 native search and connected to the latest innovations such as Microsoft Graph or Project Cortex.

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    Create personalized employee profiles

    An often overlooked but important aspect of any knowledge-based platform is the profile, and yet companies struggle to encourage employees to add to or update their details. Through social activities, endorsements, and gamification tools, Beezy brings the power and flexibility of the leading consumer profile services to the corporate world and SharePoint.

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    Work smarter with the Beezy Bot

    As users get their work done in Beezy, the Bot gets trained and updated every day. The Beezy Bot automatically learns about new topics, employees' skills, recently answered questions and newly created communities. By doing so, the bot can answer more and more questions in conversations that feel natural to the user and direct them to the right piece of shared knowledge or the right expert.

    Beezy is truly a singular solution in terms of its ability to serve as an effective intranet, internal communications portal, and collaboration and knowledge management platform.

    ~ Dawn Hancock, Senior Director, Knowledge Management & Internal Communications, Nordic Consulting

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