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    2022 Workplace trends & insights report: Building a hybrid future that works for everyone.


    Easily gather and share knowledge across your organization.

    Simplify Knowledge Management

    Allow employees to gather knowledge and easily connect with colleagues by leveraging the multitude of features available with Beezy’s intelligent workplace.

    Benefits of Beezy’s Intelligent Workplace

    More than just an intranet. Transform the way your organization works with a modern and user-friendly intelligent digital workplace.


    Build rules to control and access content, lists, libraries, and workflows for a familiar and consistent user experience.

    Data privacy

    Eliminate data privacy issues with an all-in-one, secure, protected, and full-service intelligent workplace that doesn’t host any of your data.


    Too many apps to keep track of? Improve user experience, activity streams, and productivity across departments by integrating with Salesforce and ServiceNow.

    Communicate & Collaborate

    Efficiently connect employees across your organization by making content and communication more interactive.

    Easy to use

    Easily share and produce impactful communications with a familiar interface that is built for end-users.

    Solve the Push & Pull Dilemma

    Make sure everyone has a voice with a true two-way communication flow that incorporates PUSH and PULL––all from one central hub.

    Beezy is truly a singular solution in terms of its ability to serve as an effective intranet, internal communications portal, and collaboration and knowledge management platform.

    ~ Dawn Hancock, Senior Director, Knowledge Management & Internal Communications, Nordic Consulting

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