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Enhance Human Resources

Improve employee engagement and productivity with consumer-like communication features.

Empower Your Employees

Provide your workforce with the ability to communicate and collaborate better at every organizational level. Beezy’s employee engagement software provides avenues for anyone to contribute to conversations in an open, transparent, and comfortable way.

enterprise collaboration software

Benefits of Beezy’s Employee Engagement Software

More than just an intranet. Transform the way your organization works with a modern and user-friendly employee engagement solution.

easy adoption

Easy adoption

A sleek, simple and familiar user interface ensures employee satisfaction and limits user frustrations.



Personalize and customize your digital workplace to fit your company’s unique needs and branding.

communication and collaborate

Communicate & Collaborate

Transform your workplace into a collaborative environment with third-party integrations for efficient communication and collaboration.

improved engagement

Improved Engagement

Enhance employee engagement with personalized, visual, relevant and interactive messages.

secure data

Data privacy

Eliminate data privacy issues with a secure, protected, full-service intelligent workplace that doesn’t host any of your data.

easy configuration

Quick install

Easy installation with little configuration so your digital workplace can be implemented and ready to go within hours.


Engage employees

Unite disparate teams and empower your employees with faster onboarding, better training and collaboration across all functions in the organization. Whether it's quick feedback or recognition, your workforce will feel engaged, up-to-date and involved.



Lead your digital transformation

Transform the way your organization communicates with a customizable collaboration solution. By combining familiar social media tools and machine learning, Beezy’s employee engagement software makes it easy for employees to create, find, and engage with everything they need all in one place, no matter where they are.


Stay connected

Give your workforce a voice and see your organizational culture energized with increased innovation, generating ideas that improve efficiency and performance. Beezy enables collaboration across every functional area, making it easy to communicate with all employees in one central location.



Break down silos

Great things happen when you break down barriers and hierarchies. Beezy enables your workforce to work differently – to be more open, to break down the cultural and information silos, and to promote collaboration and sharing of knowledge so you can be truly innovative.


Now we’re so much better organized, it’s like night and day. Instead of constantly asking, ‘How do I do this, how do I do that?’, there’s one source that employees can go to get that information. We’re finally able to get the most out of our intranet.

Digital Workplace Manager,
Global Pharmaceutical Company


One of my key tasks is measuring how proud our colleagues are working here than they were two years ago. Our company does some extraordinarily cool stuff and Beezy lets us direct inspirational stories to our employees.

Internal and Financial Communcations Manager,
Stockholm's Largest Energy Company


It's also a way for colleagues to share smaller, simpler news that’s read by others. Beezy helps make it possible to create a culture where people are proud and willing to share things that their team has done. It’s a way to say this is so cool, we’re saving money, or whatever.

Internal and Financial Communcations Manager,
Stockholm's Largest Energy Company


Having the Beezy team working with us was invaluable. Their level of support made sure that we were able to launch across the business quickly and could address issues as soon as they came up, helping keep people on board.

Director of Internal Communications,
European Colocation Data Center Services company

We’re here to help you build a happier, more productive and collaborative culture.
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