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Continuous Communication

Efficiently align teams and empower your workforce to collaborate no matter where they are located


Visualize story telling

Empower teams to visually communicate in a more personalized way with Beezy's Stories and blogging capabilities. Employees can interact, share, and provide direct feedback quickly and efficiently.

Communication - Pages


Collaborate across Pages

Transform your corporate policies, guidelines and governance content into engaging and collaborative Pages. Using our wiki features, employees can easily find information and gather knowledge across your organization.


Connect through Department sites

Communicate quickly with your local and global employees with Beezy Communities and Department Sites, a hub for teams. Providing a centralized view into updates, documents, and events to streamline communication and improve employee engagement.

Communication - Site
Universal communication experience


Engage with shop floor workers

Create a consistent and universal communication experience for your workforce and deliver specific content to shop floor departments all over the world. Kiosk mode is a productive and supportive information system for teams without compromising the security and integrity of corporate communications


We wanted to enable our employees to connect, communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge anywhere, anytime. With one global platform, a single source of truth, so no more disjointed sites. Whether the communication was from IT, HR, or Health and Safety, we wanted every page to look exactly the same from a user experience and branding perspective.

Elisha McCallum
Director of Corporate Communications,


Beezy is a one-stop-shop for information. It's so flexible, we can customize pages and change how we communicate with employees. We can tailor information to specific groups. Employees can stay up-to-date and be interactive by joining communities relevant to their work and interests. By personalizing their pages, they can avoid receiving information that’s not relevant to their job or that they wouldn’t necessarily care about.

Digital Workplace Manager,
Global Pharmaceutical Company


We’re now able to quickly get any type of message out. For instance, we wanted our employees to learn about Microsoft Teams and live events. We put a message on the front page of Traction and got about 500 views and eight likes— without even sending out an email. So now our goal by the end of the year is to drastically cut down on email, and just push notifications out on Traction.

Elisha McCallum
Director of Corporate Communications,

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