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Leveraging the Newsfeed to Improve Adoption, Engagement and Productivity


Enterprise Collaboration has Evolved…

One of the biggest challenges organizations face is how to capture and share knowledge and information.

Your greatest asset is your people, but if corporate knowledge and content is kept within individual teams, or worse, in the minds of your workforce – employee productivity and overall business success will be hampered.

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  • How to make employee engagement part of your strategy
  • How the newsfeed can help solve the ‘push’ versus ‘pull’ communication dilemma
  • How to increase your SharePoint adoption and engagement

Look closely at the most popular sites on the worldwide web, and you’ll quickly recognize some common features between them. Whether or not you’re a fan of them, most Information Workers tend to begin their days on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter — or on aggregated news sites that increasingly look and function like these social networking juggernauts. And the common feature across all of them? The newsfeed.

Once logged in, the newsfeed becomes dynamic, personalized and relevant based on who you are connected to, what is happening within your network, and the content and activities you consume. It is at the center of our social experience, and it is where we go to stay informed.

That is the power of the newsfeed.

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