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Guide to Unifying Enterprise Collaboration with Beezy


Discover how Beezy, the enterprise collaboration solution for Office 365 and SharePoint, helped a large multi-national organization consolidate their enterprise collaboration infrastructure.

Download this report to learn how Beezy helped:

  • Consolidate the collaboration platform of a very large multi-national with over 100,000 employees and suppliers across 75 different countries, totaling more than 125,000 user profiles
  • Migrate all of their historical data and communities from the legacy solution to the new solution – without losing core capabilities, including 125,000 user profiles, to a single Office 365 environment
  • Extend the out-of-the-box capabilities of Office 365, delivering a comprehensive enterprise collaboration solution in the cloud
  • Maintain the highly customized functionality established in the existing solution
  • Deliver a solution that exceeded end-user expectations
  • Reduce costs for the company, with a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction due to a consolidated infrastructure, a reduced administrative overhead, and a significant reduction of recurring licensing costs

By moving to Office 365, the company has already seen improved employee productivity due to the adoption of the Office suite and Office 365 productivity capabilities. Additionally, the enhanced and extended Beezy capabilities have removed the need for additional siloed solutions – providing a single platform for team collaboration, corporate communication, and enterprise-wide knowledge management.

The result? A more connected, productive and happy organization.

Download this guide so you can confidently sell your new intranet solution and get buy-in from senior stakeholders.

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