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All in one: your mobile digital workplace

Beezy on mobile and desktopToday, the world of business technology is mobile. The arrival of cloud services like Office 365 changed the landscape: employees now expect to be able to work from any device and location.  

But having technology that enables remote working isn’t a means to an end. Now, the race is on for technology that lets users work and collaborate remotely and using personal devices as easily and productively as they would in the office. Achieving this allows your employees to work and collaborate to their maximum potential – wherever they are.  

Nowhere is this more vital than in a digital workplace. While most modern intranets allow remote working, few provide the depth and breadth of functionality your users need to truly thrive. However, Beezy enables effective remote working via our effortless mobile app.  

In this blog, we discuss the Beezy mobile app, and the ways it can turbocharge your productivity off-site and on the go. Beezy overview Mobile devices

Your mobile digital workplace 

When discussing mobility, the obvious image that comes to mind is working from home or shared working spaces. This is important but it’s not the entire picture. There’s plenty more to remote working, and it’s vital that a modern digital workspace has the tools to enable and support efficient work in every context.  

Let’s say an employee is heading to a meeting. With access to a truly modern digital workplace, they can edit documents as they travel, access messages, and read company news as it’s updated. If vital updates are sent that relate to the meeting, the employee would have fast and seamless access to those as they travel. This opens up an entirely new dimension of productivity. They gain valuable time which, without mobility, would have been wasted because they would have been cut off from the technology services they need. 

However, if functionality on mobile devices is clumsy, complicated, or limited, productivity on the go is reduced. It’s in contexts like this that remote working is seriously inhibited if the user can’t efficiently interact with their software and information on the go. 

Beezy Mobile Screens

All in one on the mobile app 

Unlike most digital workspace solutions, the Beezy Mobile app replicates the vast majority of desktop functionality for mobile devices. In fact, the mobile app shares about 80% of functionality with the desktop version – one of the highest ratios anywhere on the market. Beezy Mobile App is available for iPads, as well as iOS and Android smartphone devices.  

The mobile app is built around the same four pillars as the desktop version: 

  • Communication

See company news, stories, and updates through a communication newsfeed seamlessly optimized for the mobile experience. It’s also easier than ever to access and send direct messages through enterprise social on the go. 

  • Collaboration

Access documents and files seamlessly from any device or location. Your users will have the ability to create and edit documents, give feedback, provide signoffs, and access team updates just as they would at their desktop.

  • Knowledge Management

Intelligently discover and classify information as efficiently on a mobile device as in the office. Users can quickly complete their normal practices of tagging and adding metadata to documents to help with later discovery. You can search and create content from anywhere on any device.

  • Business Process

Allow automated workflows to efficiently progress, so users don’t need to wait until they return to their desktops to access their assigned tasks. Updates can be quickly viewed and acted on through a unified notifications stream.  

As well as this, the Beezy Bot is entirely optimized for the mobile experience, so users have access to a cuttingedge intelligent assistant to empower and improve their remote work. Powered by AI, this tool brings your users closer to the people, information, and processes they need to efficiently complete their tasks.  

Integrating with third party IT 

crucial facet of an efficient modern workplace is the ability to integrate effectively with third party software. That’s because every business has different needs, and it’s vital that organizations can efficiently bring together the different solutions they’ve chosen for their users. It’s even more vital that this connectivity can be maintained remotely.  

With Beezy, integrations from the desktop version can communicate seamlessly with the wider digital workplace even in the mobile app. These include business applications like Nintex Workflow or Salesforce. There’s no use taking the time to integrate these tools with your mobile digital workplace if your customers then can’t access workflows or CRM data on the go.  

As well as this, it integrates with other mobile applications, such as Google Maps, allowing users to easily send and share specific locations from their phones. 

Beezy: End to end connectivity for your users 

At Beezy, we believe that a truly mobile digital workplace requires more than simply having the right tech. We take things a step further. Today’s users demand ease of use, seamless mobility, and an attractive user interface as standard. They expect the same level of usability from their business apps as they enjoy from consumer social apps in their private lives. Satisfying this need is the key to building a truly modern digital workplace and unlocking a new level of productivity for your workers.  

If you want to find out more about how Beezy can help take your business to the next level, get in touch with our team today.

Gonçalo Castelao

Gonçalo Castelao

Product Marketing Specialist at Beezy