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548 Market St #76279
San Francisco, CA, 94104-5401

Development Centers
Roc Boronat 66a, 2º,
08005 Barcelona
Doctor Castelo 24, 1a,
28009 Madrid

Phone numbers
US: +1 (720) 346 3964
Canada: +1 (416) 575 2577
UK: +44 7484 612 120
or +44 2032 874 841
Scandinavia: +46 70894 1421
Singapore: +65 6223 7221
Australia: +61 413 789 405
Other: +34 686 75 75 40

Try out the intelligent workplace

Beezy is the only Digital Workplace for Office 365. It provides a seamless user experience across all of your Microsoft productivity tools and connects people, processes, technology and innovation to create a more connected, productive and happy workforce.

For Internal Comms

Deliver the right message, to the right people at the right time, and keep people engaged.

For HR

Empower employees to drive deeper engagement across all functions.

For Knowledge Managers

Manage, retain and maximize the value of your organizational knowledge.

For IT Professionals

Make your environment more effective and efficient, and watch user adoption soar.

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