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Employee Engagement through a connected shop floor

For many companies, shop floor workers are the primary backbone, driving future developments and shaping entire productions. They are genuinely the nameless heroes of many global companies. So, why are shop floor workers still left behind when it comes to digital engagement?

Despite the fact they are incredibly critical to the success of entire facilities, these types of workers don’t typically have the dedicated workspaces or proper applications to stay connected with management departments. This severely limits the transmission of information between management and shop floor locations like factories, warehouses, or any other industry-related facility and nearly eliminates employee engagement.

Far too often, shop floor workers don’t know (or find out too late) why, for example, production processes have been changed, what the results of their work are, or what their company has recently achieved. Therefore, instead of being equally informed and equally engaged, shop floor workers work through their tasks and look forward to clocking off, meaning they are completely disengaged and without a sense of belonging.

Improve employee engagement with Beezy’s Kiosk Mode

Connecting employees from the shop floor to the top floor is a significant pain-point for many of our customers, a pain-point we decided to tackle by launching our new Kiosk Mode. Specifically designed for workers that might not have a personal login but are in desperate need of updated information and corporate data to support their day-to-day operations.

Beezy’s Kiosk Mode allows management to create, update, and deliver specific content to every manufacturing and distribution facilities around the world, streamlining what has been a labor-intensive process. This means that shop floor employees now have their own window into their employer’s heart and soul. Accessing and downloading the latest news, communications, policy updates, manuals, presentations, and guidelines.

With Beezy’s Kiosk Mode, the days of having to go into the breakroom at work to look at the bulletin board are over!

Beezy’s Kiosk Mode means much more than just new user access. It improves employee engagement and offers a way to deliver a productive and supportive system for workers and teams of workers regardless of location, without compromising the security and integrity of corporate communications. It provides an opportunity for communicating and engaging with a new, critical audience that you haven’t been able to reach as easily before.

Do you want to see how compelling and inclusive our new Kiosk Mode is? Request a demo and let us show you and your team first-hand!

“Beezy Kiosk is an engaging and inclusive evolution of our user experience. We are very much aware that intelligent employee engagement shouldn’t leave any part of an organization behind.”

Gonçalo Castelao

Gonçalo Castelao

Product Marketing Specialist at Beezy