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ObjectConnect and Beezy partnering in Germany, Poland and Switzerland

3/16/12 5:53 AM

The first quarter of this year Beezy has been busy building a partner network. Beezy believes that skilled local SharePoint partners are essential to give customers the best enterprise social media solution. “Our partnership with ObjectConnect will not only establish a presence in Germany, Poland and Switzerland, but it will also enable Beezy to provide local support to our customers in these markets”, says Beezy COO Ritse Klink. “With ObjectConnect we added a very proactive partner to our partner network that recognized the potential of Beezy in a very early phase. ObjectConnect started promoting Beezy before a formal partnership was created.”

ObjectConnect is very pleased with the partnership. “Beezy is unique in many ways”, says ObjectConnect CEO Michal Sobotkiewicz. “Most striking is the ease of use. Users who are familiar with Twitter and Facebook, don´t need any training. Beezy is not only driving enterprise social media adoption, but also adoption of SharePoint. The amount of features in SharePoint can be overwhelming for some users. Beezy not only adds social features, but also filters SharePoint complexity in a very effective and user-friendly way”.

The first joint activity will take place on 27 and 29 March at Social Computing with SharePoint 2010 in Unterschleissheim and Cologne.

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