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We are dedicated to building and maintaining a mutually-profitable partner ecosystem. Our partners are hand-picked and all have deep understanding of SharePoint. At Beezy, we clearly split the responsibilities: our Product team focuses on developing an unmatched set of features, while our partners customize, extend and integrate Beezy according to customer needs.


With Beezy, it's more of a longer-term relationship. I’m really looking forward to being able to use the platform to its greatest capabilities and maximum capacity. I get a good feeling from continuing to work with Beezy. They're committed to long-term success in the same way that we are.

Elisha McCallum
Director of Corporate Communications,


They can read a story carousel on top of the spot page, see what we’re doing, and feel awesome. It helps us to fill our employees with pride.

Internal and Financial Communcations Manager,
Stockholm's Largest Energy Company