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EFIS project in Sweden using Beezy

4/26/12 9:43 AM

Yesterday Beezy was presented at the Governments Solution Forum in London from our Swedish Partner Softronic. The EFIS project is an inter-regional collaboration, run by the County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland, one of 21 county administrations in Sweden. The project focuses on empowering new immigrants and refugees to Sweden, providing an inter-agency approach to their human rights and social integration. The EFIS solution is an integrated web site that gives the newcomers "One Way In" to government services, information and roads for establishment in society.

The portal is built on Sharepoint 2010, with inter-agency networking and collaboration delivered through a Beezy add-on, hosted in a Partner Cloud. The next step for the project is Lync, Fast and Azure.


Here's the  original video shot by Microsoft Sweden.

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