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Enterprise Collaboration Revolution

7/14/15 9:38 AM

When we set up the company 4 years ago, we invited you to join us and start a workplace revolution. Back in those early days there was a lot of industry buzz around anything “social,” but social was still viewed as something you “added” to your environment, or something done in addition to your work collaboration activities. When Microsoft acquired Yammer, it was natural for people to perceive any functional overlap as competing with Yammer. In fact, some visionaries predicted “You’ll be out of business soon.” And some “enterprise social for SharePoint” competitor vendors got scared by Microsoft’s move and left the space (Sitrion, for example). However, with the maturity of the social collaboration space, Beezy kept innovating and our customer base kept growing.

As Microsoft has pushed toward the cloud, much of our business over the last couple of years has been in providing the most robust and compelling social solution for SharePoint on-premises — but we’ve also realized that more and more organizations are moving to the cloud, or at least want to be able to move to the cloud in due time. So our solutions expanded to fully embrace the cloud, enabling support for on-premises, hybrid and cloud deployments, giving our customers the flexibility to move to the cloud at their own speed, and on their own terms.

But there is something bigger than the move to the cloud alone: people are realizing that “social collaboration” has become redundant, and that all collaboration is social. End users expect their collaboration tools to be social in nature, which is a huge shift in thinking away from the old document-centric views on collaboration. Social has become ubiquitous in the enterprise. The typical information worker uses several instant messaging platforms, co-edits documents, uses presence awareness to identify availability of their peers and then create instant, real-time meetings to work with them. We have moved from “enterprise social” to “enterprise collaboration,” where everything we do is social.

Social collaboration has become a redundant concept. In today’s workplace every form of collaboration is social by definition.

Beezy has grown along the same line. We have evolved from an Enterprise Social Network to an Enterprise Collaboration Solution. The Beezy team have been hard at work, helping great organizations build a digital workplace that their employees love. In addition, Beezy also helps the Microsoft platform (Office365 + Yammer) compete – and win! – with solutions from other enterprise collaboration vendors, such as Jive and IBM. 

We not only added a full set of collaboration capabilities to our Office 365 and SharePoint solution, we also made sure that Beezy complements Yammer with these extra capabilities. Beezy is now a collaboration solution that can greatly enhance your investments in Yammer, but doesn´t require Yammer, giving you the best of both worlds — and the flexibility to adapt to your organizational needs.

Beezy connects all of the dots between Yammer, Office 365, and Skype for Business through a seamless and exceptional user interface.

What’s more, we announced during the recent Microsoft Ignite Conference that we now support migrations from competing enterprise collaboration solutions, such as Jive, IBM Connections, and even Sitrion (NewsGator) to Office 365, helping customers to unlock their siloed collective intelligence. Beezy now fully supports cloud and Office 365 scenarios, and we work side-by-side with your thriving Yammer communities. No other company provides this level of flexibility and functionality.

During the vision keynote at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (#WPC15) in Orlando, CEO Satya Nadella shared his vision of a “mobile-first, cloud-first” Microsoft. Of course, at Beezy we fully embrace this vision, however we feel that one key principle is missing – and so we’ve expanded on it: our vision is one of “mobile-first, cloud-first, user-first” collaboration.

The reality is that the evolving workplace requires constant innovation, and that’s what we are doing. At Beezy, we promise to continue pushing the envelope, and developing revolutionary solutions for the evolving workplace. Beginning today, Beezy has started the enterprise collaboration revolution.

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