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ESPC16 Day 1: Reinventing Content Collaboration

11/15/16 12:02 AM

The first official day of the European SharePoint Conference has arrived in Vienna, Austria, and the Beezy team is on-site and ready for the challenge! The ESPC event, which you can find at, is the only Europe-wide conference on Microsoft SharePoint technologies and is held in a different European country each year, with last year's event held in Stockholm, Sweden, where Beezy took home the award for Best Office 365 Solution. In addition to meeting with attendees, customers and partners this year, we hope to take home one or two awards again this year. More on that later in the week!

Welcome to ESPC16

Since the event last year, the Beezy team has launched a number of new features and deeper integrations into the Microsoft platform, including integrations with the Microsoft Graph. You can read more about these integrations in a recently published Microsoft case study. And also since last year, Beezy has steadily grown and we have proudly added a number of enterprise customers representing some of the largest SharePoint on-premises and Office 365 deployments in the world, such as German car part manufacturer ZF Friedrichshafen AG -- and leading partners, such as Planet Technologies in the US, and  as announced in a press release yesterday, Communardo in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. You can read the latest press release here.

The ESPC event kicks off this morning with a keynote from three familiar faces from Microsoft in Redmond, Washington in the US: Dan Holme, Chris McNulty, and Dan Ammerlaan. The three of them will share Microsoft's accomplishments over the past year, especially since the May 4th, 2016 'Future of SharePoint' event held in San Francisco, and discuss the company's broader vision for the future of content collaboration. Having spent the past week together with the three of them and hundreds of my fellow SharePoint and Office 365 MVPs for a week on Microsoft campus as part of the annual MVP Summit, I am excited about the company's renewed focus on SharePoint and enterprise content management, and am looking forward to discussing this future path with attendees.

There are some fantastic sessions scheduled this week at ESPC, but in addition to all of the formal sessions -- the Beezy team is hosting a number of panel discussions in our booth (Booth 19 in the expo hall), and if you're in attendance, we welcome you to come participate and ask questions from the panel.

Today in the booth:

  • What Does It Mean to Build a Digital Workplace?
    2:00-3:00 pm
    Panelists include Michelle Caldwell (MVP, Avanade), John White (MVP, UnlimitedViz), and Mike Fitzmaurice (Nintex)
  • How Communities Drive Innovation
    4:45-5:45 pm
    Panelists include Jussi Mori (MVP, Peaches Industries), Sebastien Levert (MVP, 2toLead), and Vlad Catrinescu (MVP)

We're all looking forward to the events of this week, and we’re excited to get things started. I’ll be providing daily updates and scheduling, as well as sharing photos and videos live from the event, so please be sure to follow Beezy on Twitter @followBeezy, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up with team news and activities.

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