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Introducing Beezy Pages for better content and knowledge management

3/25/19 1:29 PM

At Beezy, we are excited to announce the release of Beezy Pages, a new way to create and distribute content across modern digital workplaces. This simple-to-use feature is available for Office 365 and SharePoint On-Prem customers and can revolutionize how your organization manages and consumes the company information.
Beezy Pages can help your organization take intranet content and knowledge management to the next level. 

Beezy Pages for your intranet collaboration

The problem of the intranet content and knowledge base

Historically, intranets have failed to provide employees with a one-source-of-truth for the information they need to get their work done and often fall onto the IT solution scrapheap.

There have been several reasons for this, including:

  • Difficult navigation making information hard to access 
  • Outdated content due to a lack of clear ownership  
  • Lack of personalized user experience
  • Lack of social & collaborative approach
  • Poor mobile support

Why corporate information is important for your organization

Corporate information is the backbone of any workplace. Important information on internal best practices, client data, contacts, company handbooks, information on operations, training, etc. — pretty much anything to do with an organization and its processes — needs to be documented and made easily available.  

This typically "boring" intranet content can sometimes be overlooked by organizations but the benefits of getting it right are transformative for the entire business.

Getting this management of corporate information right can lead to:   

  • More efficient business practices and processes
  • Better productivity
  • Improved decision-making
  • More engaged employees

Why Beezy Pages is the right solution for you

Beezy Pages enables employees to both create and access important information fast. It provides an organization a dynamic place for knowledge management, documenting a project, searching for content, collaborative information growth, links to related data and much more.

See for yourself! Check out Beezy Pages in action in our short video:

Simple, sophisticated and structured

Beezy Pages is the content creating and distributing arm of your organization’s digital workplace: a feature that empowers your employees to create, edit and use the corporate information key to their everyday tasks. It combines social engagement with a structured knowledge base to ensure the information your business relies on is available and easy to find.

Beezy Pages offers:

  • A cutting-edge authoring experience
  • Modern tag-based information architecture
  • Social and collaborative features
  • Visually compelling design
  • Clear content ownership
  • Personalized to every employee

Intuitive access to information

On their landing page, users can search by keyword for information they need or instead navigate by tags. Editorialized content that is considered important is set as featured pages, so it’s front and center when employees log on. User-specific information is automatically suggested in a section on the landing page. This is based on how users have previously defined their specific interests and preferences, like marketing or HR (these are easily edited and added to using tags).

Simple content creation

Content is easily created in Rich Text Formatting with accessible page actions such as editing, commenting, and sharing. Each page also contains a related pages section where authors can easily link content by topics and tags, as well as target content to specific audiences – whether that be user location or department. Authors can, at the flick of a switch, enable content they author to be collaborative and open to social engagement.

Find the right Beezy Page by using tags

Sophisticated search

Along with a traditional keyword search, Beezy Pages has a built-in feature that enables users to filter by tags. This allows them to narrow down the search field to more easily find the content they are looking for.   

For example, you might need to know if you can use your company credit card while traveling internationally. Your organization has thousands of pages on policies and guidelines. However, they have hundreds of pages on policy and travel and even fewer on policytravel, and expenses. By adding tags, the scope of the search can be narrowed down making it easier to find what you’re looking for.    

Modern content structure

Beezy Pages structures content in a modern, ‘flat’ or non-hierarchical way with tags and hyperlinks between piece of related content – kind of like a giant corporate Wikipedia, which has been a very successful way of structuring content in the consumer world. This makes navigation much more flexible and easier for the user than it would be under a more traditional ‘drill down’ nest navigation.

Information is stored in a single place

Beezy Pages uses SharePoint to store your data in one unique corporate repository, meaning that your information comes from a single source of truth and silos are reduced. It also means that your content can benefit from core platform features such as search, AI and the Microsoft Graph. Remote workers, for example, can log on and see the most up to date information immediately and can just get on with their job.

Information is delivered in a targeted way

Beezy Pages uses our own technology to suggest relevant information to specific users based on their profile, their search history, and their location or company division. This artificial intelligence helps employees see the information most relevant for them, at the right time on the right device, as well as information they might not have otherwise found by themselves.

Optimize your knowledge management, achieve your goals

When corporate information and knowledge is made more accessible across your organization, everyone benefits: employees become more engaged and information silos are reduced. 

Beezy Pages enables you to maximize information reusability, encourage best practices, onboard new employees more efficiently, and much more to keep your organization operating on the same page!

Want to know more about Beezy Pages or how Beezy’s Digital Workplace solution can help transform your organization? Request a demo today!
P.S. Did you know you can use Beezy as your Content Management System as well?

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