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Introducing Beezy Sites: the best way to publish departmental information

4/11/19 7:39 AM

Information sharing within the enterprise has always been important, from broad company announcements to inter-departmental communications. In the technological era, ware more equipped than ever to do this (and meet rising employee expectations) By streamlining content to a dedicated site – one for a department, team, project, etc. – their related conversations, that are vital for productivity, become more focused. Further, employees that find a sense of freedom and engagement in publishing and sharing content record higher rates of adoption within a digital workplace.  

This post details what Beezy Sites can offer businesses looking to improve communication, collaboration and the way they publish departmental information.  

Beezy Sites - for content management

The perfect way to publish departmental information 

Beezy Sites is a new, intuitive way to publish departmental information and content in a curated, editorialized manner. Built into your existing digital workplace, Beezy Sites facilitates the publishing of content and the sharing of information and knowledge between departments, improving engagement for employees and improving digital workplace adoption for the business 

What is Beezy Sites? 

Beezy Sites evolves the traditional process for creating and sharing departmental information in your digital workplace. Rather than static pages and a restrictive site infrastructure, Beezy Sites offers an intuitive, flexible, and user-friendly approach to content creation and sharing across the business.  

  • Dynamic and conversational: sites are focused on curated, editorialized, and customizable content rather than social messaging. Information is shared with a purpose.
  • Easy to create and update: maintaining site content is the role of the site Owners rather than administrators. So, site stakeholders are the ones that curate the content.
  • Visually compelling and mobile-ready: sites are filled with images and widgets for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. They are also mobile-ready, so users can access them wherever they are.

Beezy Sites - Responsive on Mobile Devices

  • Easy to maintain the organizational structure: making changes to one site won’t affect other sites, so administrators and Site Owners are free to make changes as they wish.  

See for yourself! Check out Beezy Sites in action in our short video:

Create a better site structure

As Beezy Sites is built on the foundations of Office 365, administrators will find maintaining the intranet structure just as easy as before. Individual sites function as nodes, and administrators can freely connect these nodes in the organizational structure. 

Beezy Sites can facilitate up to 10,000 nodes so even the largest organizations can, over time, create sites for every department, team, and project. If you have a lot of sites, that doesn’t mean more work for the administrator. Every Beezy Site can act independently and is curated by dedicated Site Owners.  

Site administrators own the structure of the site. But they are able to hand over the ownership of individual sites to designated Site Owners. This allows for a more granular and self-serving method of site and content curation.  

Create your optimal site experience 

For end users, Beezy Sites offers aintuitive and interactive experience for each area of the digital workplace they use. For Site Owners, Beezy Sites adds a variety of customizable content blocks to help them create the site they need. 

  • About – Create the perfect introductionInclude embedded links so visitors can easily navigate through the important peoplesitesemails, and addresses related to your department or team.  
  • Static content – use the flexibility of formatted text blocks to do whatever you want with your content, with an authoring experience akin to Beezy Pages. 
  • Stories  a visually-driven, updating widget will give your newest and best stories the recognition they deserve.  
  • Pages  Site Owners can hand-pick the important pages that are shown to visitors which link to the pages section.  
  • Documents  Manually select the most important or regularly-used documents, which link to the documents section. 
  • FAQs  Include frequently asked questions that offer useful insight to visitors. Users can add tags to their questions and mark the best answers for better relevancy and discovery.
  • Sections  allows Site Owners to organize the people working on different assignments, roles, and responsibilities into relevant categories. 

Beezy Sites - Organizational structure

Beezy Sites turns the traditional Office 365 site structure into a dynamic, interactive web of people, departments, and information – all of which is kept up-to-date because it's easy and organic to do so. 

Beezy Sites facilitates integrated and intuitive communications; users can see the specific work and relationships in each department, ask questions and talk to coworkers.  

Share departmental information with Beezy Sites

Beezy Sites provides your business with modern, structured, collaborative open-source approach to site creation and cultivation. End-users get aexperience that is structured and connected, with information free to share and communication flowing between sites. With the designation of Site Owners, it’s easier for administrators to manage their infrastructure and provide the great experience to employees.  

Beezy Sites is part of the Beezy solution suite  including PagesBots, and Apps  to give businesses the ultimate digital workplace experience. 

Request a demo of Beezy to try for yourself and see how Beezy Sites can revolutionize your digital workplace!

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