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A Guide to Social Intranets

8/18/20 6:45 PM

Remote work is more prevalent than ever. Due to the application of modern technologies, such as software systems and artificial intelligence, working from home has been on an upward trajectory for years. 

However, due to current global lockdowns and work-from-home enforcements, many are asking the question of whether full- and part-time remote work policies will expand to a new normal.

Fortunately, many newly-remote workforces are seeing increased productivity. Employees are even reaping the benefits of having flexible schedules including ending their daily commute and . When an office transitions to remote work, the company can quickly gain insights into which practices are not valuable uses of time, as well as which ones are essential or are being duplicated.

It may seem that remote working is not conducive to collaboration without in-person communication. However, the true culprit of inefficient remote work is likely to be the digital tools that employees use such as a traditional intranet platform–as many have not had significant system updates in 20 years. Using multiple technology platforms as a solution often creates bottlenecks in company departments, hinders collaboration and can drive inefficiency. This is where Social Intranets can benefit your company’s entire business operations.

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How Social Intranets Benefit Company Practices

A social intranet is a platform that seeks to centralize your company’s content, information and collaboration. From there, app and software integrations can be added to the social intranet so employees can access all resources within one dashboard. 

Artificial Intelligence should also be incorporated within your modern social intranet platform to provide the most value to your company. This advanced feature allows employee portals to provide personalized user experience based on common actions and department goals.

Benefits of a social intranet start with your employees, as they offer a central space for communication, improving employee engagement and motivation across the organization. Likewise, there is also an improved access to learning and knowledge for employees to be involved in new ideas and crowdsourcing information. Find out how to choose the best social intranet

Improved Company Output and Results

Company output is significantly improved with a social intranet as departments can quickly guide and schedule internal communication. This means that company-wide messages or content can be communicated in a matter of minutes for easy adoption of new policies or quick response to work changes, helping your organization connect with all company locations and departments. Stellar editing and writing tools can also be made available to optimize content generation.

This improved company output and efficiency allows companies to create higher quality work faster and can result in significant increases in revenue. Modern social intranets ensure that collaboration is maximized and language barriers are easily overcome, resulting directly in business growth.

Accurate Search Capabilities

Fully comprehensive search features that allow employees to easily find content to like, comment on, and share, promote collaboration and online engagement for improved company efficiency. While office environments may be neglected when a workforce is busy and remote, it’s imperative to maintain open business relationships when successfully managing client initiatives and deliverables.

Intuitive Setup and User Interface

If the search feature platform sounds familiar, it’s because it is. By integrating common interactive design from mainstream social media platforms, social intranets instantly become easier to set up and more enjoyable for all employees to adopt as a new software solution. From Newsfeeds to search engines, your employees should find their online workplace familiar and simple to use on an everyday basis. 

Third party integrations are also used to eliminate the use of multiple applications and the potential for siloed departments and information. Choosing a solution with the ability to integrate with programs like SalesForce and ServiceNow is needed, as keeping everything in one centralized location allows employees to remain productive and efficient.

Global Collaboration

If you have a global organization, communication solutions like social intranets engage your entire workforce. Adopt a solution that provides a mobile app, which enables better communication across varying schedules and time differences. 

Additionally, ensure that your digital workplace provides translating services if necessary so that all your employees have the resources they need and feel valued. In fact, relevant content can also “find” users based on their own unique browsing habits, location and interests. 

Turnkey Solution

Prioritize a social intranet solution that is turnkey, meaning your chosen solution will be a complete out-of-the-box resource for all your business operations and ready to go almost instantly.

This will save you time as you can simply buy your desired digital workspace, rather than try and build it from the ground up. IT will be able to simply install, maintain, and customize the platform from a centralized online location. Implementing Beezy, an intelligent digital workplace software, offers a combined product that is more straightforward for employees, which is important in encouraging your workforce to use the intranet.

Lastly, make sure your Digital Workplace solution is secure. Your chosen provider needs to work with you to ensure that company, client and employee data is safe and private. In most cases, data from your company will be stored in your cloud. Implementing a turnkey solution helps your company have more control over the platform, as opposed to outsourcing help.

Social intranets bring resourceful features, collaboration, and better management practices to your company’s enterprise. Learn how Finning, a company who recently implemented Beezy, is able to navigate remote work and meet their future goals. 

Case Study for Social Intranet Implementation 

“Before, we would have had to manage five or six different disjointed SharePoint sites and push out information via email and three divisional intranets. With one platform from Beezy, we were able to build COVID-related messaging and communicate life and death information very quickly.” – Zaid Choudhary, Global Communication and Collaboration Manager at Finning

Finning, the largest international Caterpillar dealer, researched top social intranets to help their employees access content and collaborate with one another across their global locations. Beezy was chosen among 25 intranets because it was compatible with the company’s document platform, SharePoint. After implementation, Finning has 8,000 of its 15,000 employees using the site every day, a percentage that accounts for over half their workforce and is expected to continue rising. 

Finning’s social intranet, which is named “Traction”, helps to quickly promote content to targeted departments and is being used to relay urgent employee information regarding COVID-19 as global and regional specific briefings. Traction is also being used to achieve Finning’s 2020 goals of reducing emails and increasing information security by transferring Workday, Service Now, and Yammer to the new digital workplace.

Looking to Optimize Your Online Workplace Management?

Improve company morale and output with Beezy’s digital workplace — a space where you can bring together collaboration, communication, and knowledge in your workplace. 

By seamlessly combining social media tools with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, Beezy gives employees access to an intuitive communication portal that houses the Microsoft Office productivity suite, Teams, Yammer, OneDrive, and more in a single streamlined location.

Made for easy adoption and personalization, Beezy is a turnkey solution that keeps employees in the know by providing news with Beezy Stories and real-time data. This digital workplace can be altered to include different combinations of features and direct 3rd party applications through the use of Smart Snippets. Additionally, with globalization in mind, all communication barriers can be broken with language translation for intercontinental collaboration. 

Begin your path towards better company collaboration with a modern social intranet and digital workplace platform. 

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