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Beezy digital workplace solution deployed in Microsoft Government Community Cloud (GCC) High environment

1/26/21 9:00 AM

Highly regulated US government agencies and contractors can now deploy Beezy digital workplace to replace outdated corporate intranets and deliver a superior user experience that improves communication and collaboration, without risk to their data.

San Francisco, January 26, 2021Beezy Inc., the leading digital workplace solution built for Microsoft 365, has successfully been deployed in Microsoft’s GCC High Cloud environment, marking another innovation milestone for the company. Microsoft’s GCC High environment was created to meet the strict requirements of federal agencies, the Department of Defense (DoD) and US federal contractors who need to adhere to the most stringent cybersecurity and compliance regulations.

Now, organizations operating on the GCC High cloud, or the DoD cloud, can replace their outdated and cumbersome corporate intranets with Beezy for a more modern, intuitive, engaging and collaborative digital workplace. Beezy is the all-in-one intelligent workplace that combines a human-centred user experience, designed to simplify communication and collaboration, with the power of Artificial Intelligence to automate processes and streamline workflows – and it’s fully optimized for mobile.

“High security doesn’t have to equate to a poor user experience anymore,” said Jordi Plana, founder and CEO of Beezy. “We’ve always known the importance of an engaging user experience when it comes to communicating and sharing knowledge inside large and complex organizations. We’re excited to bring our digital workplace solution to organizations operating on the high security cloud – and we’re proud to be able to implement it quickly and efficiently,” he added.

One of the key advantages Beezy offers for customers operating in high security environments is all content and data created inside Beezy resides 100% in the customer’s infrastructure. It means the customer’s data remains secure.

“In addition to user experience, our attention to security and scalability is a key part of our success in replacing the legacy intranets of some of the largest and most complex organizations in the world, including companies in the Fortune 100 and government institutions,” said Plana. “Our Customer Success team is ready to welcome organizations that are required to operate on GCC High and the DoD cloud to create new opportunities for a more productive and engaged workforce inside these highly secure organizations.”

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About Beezy Inc.
Beezy Inc. is the digital workplace built for Microsoft 365. By extending the Microsoft productivity stack, we empower users to communicate, share, and collaborate better, whether it’s on-prem, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. Leading global organizations, including Finning, ZF Friedrichshafen AG and Monster rely on the proven functionality of Beezy – the intelligent and modern digital workplace that’s built for the people who use it.

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