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How to migrate off HCL Connections Cloud

Matthew Banks
5/15/20 5:52 PM

Keep your intranet alive after HCL Connections Cloud Disappears

Released in 2007, HCL Connections is an enterprise social software application developed by IBM. HCL Technologies acquired the HCL Connections Cloud software in July of 2019, together with Appscan, BigFix, Unica, Commerce, Portal, and Notes & Domino. 

The sale of Connections to HCL was announced shortly after IBM acquired Red Hat. This revealed IBM’s push toward forward-looking technology solutions and away from legacy systems with limited future potential.

This is part of a broader theme we’ve seen again and again in the world of technology innovation –– replacing legacy systems with newer toolsets and solutions. 

hcl connections cloud alternatives

The future of HCL Connections Cloud

Not long after HCL acquired Connections, HCL announced its end of service of Connections Cloud and SmartCloud Notes to be on July 16, 2020. 

Why would HCL acquire a declining toolset, only to announce its end of service weeks later? Tony Byrne at Real Story Group makes an important comment about HCL Technologies’ decision to acquire Connections given its decline: 

“There’s a whole business model around acquiring aging platforms and housing them more or less gracefully to their dear demise some years down the road…This can be very profitable for the vendor.”

What does this mean for HCL users?

  • With no future product roadmap, lack of investment in the product, and HCL’s freezing of competing integration partners they have longstanding relationships with, the future of HCL Connections users and their data looks bleak and hazy.
  • No data will be accessible if not migrated off HCL Connections Cloud by July 16, 2020, giving all current users a deadline for finding alternatives, preserving & transferring data, and getting a new social enterprise software up and running. 

HCL Connections Alternatives

With social platforms at the forefront of workspace collaboration, there are many options to migrating off HCL Connections to a modern solution. 

1. HCL Cloud Hosting Managed Service Providers (CH-MSP)

With a rich collection of relationships with Managed Service Providers, HCL can facilitate secure, reliable migration of your data to their hosted services. HCL CH-MSP gives current Connections users access to the skills and services such as worldwide data centers and disaster recovery provisions, and offers a range of support services for different needs. 

2. On-premise, private cloud, or third-party cloud providers 

For many HCL users, switching off Connections Cloud is the best long term option, that also will cater best to their workforce. While it’s usually a stressful undertaking when making such a large switch, there are many solutions and providers that can facilitate this migration quickly and easily. 

Integrate an intelligent workplace solution into that work environment. Current Connections users have the opportunity to move to another platform, such as Office 365 or Microsoft SharePoint. Since Microsoft’s push to the cloud, many intelligent workplace providers have expanded their solutions to embrace this shifting operational environment by offering cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployments. This allows users to move at their own speed, on their own terms, and adapt the software to their needs, not the other way around. 

Office 365 and SharePoint provide a good choice for current Connections users for a few different reasons – it’s widely used and has a strong base of migration capabilities. Because it’s so widely used (and trusted), the platform has unlimited extensions, integrations, and third-party applications custom-built for Microsoft users. 

Why choose an intelligent workplace?

Intelligent digital workplaces connect your workforce with intelligently developed software to ensure efficiency and increase productivity. If you are a Microsoft-based organization, intelligent workplaces often enhance and integrate with Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, and other third party systems to promote a collaborative work environment. 

Migration companies like Vamosa (T-Systems) can help get your new digital workplace up and running quickly without taking away from your day-to-day work. Plus, your data is still just as secure. Partnering a migration service with a digital workplace platform to transfer off HCL Connections will give you full migration of 100% of your legacy content and social data, so you’re not starting over again. 

Migrate to Beezy’s Intelligent Workplace

Beezy partners with Vamosa and delivers a 95% feature parity from HCL Connections Cloud (almost a one-to-one feature match) with the Microsoft productivity suite and a complete feature set needed for today’s modern workplace. Beezy’s intelligent digital workplace is also a turnkey, one-tool solution that keeps everything consolidated and organized. 

Beezy’s user-first orientation is at the core of their solution, delivering a beautifully designed UI and outstanding customer service to make your team engaged, productive, and connected. It’s not just another migration project –– it’s about taking your current data and digital workspace to the next level, offering a scalable and long-term solution to collaboration. 

Wondering how to get started before Connections Cloud locks your data in on July 16th? Click here to start your migrationdownload our business and technical guides, or request a demo with a Beezy migration expert

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